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We are the generation that knows of weaknesses beyond our own
We are the generation who wants love, but loves nothing
We are the generation that is scared of rejection, but that’s all we do
We are the generation who praises live in the moment, but we are doing everything but that
We are a modern day tragedy
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My parents died too. They got killed, in front of my eyes... I survive all alone why do you think I'm like that today?... *tears dripping*

I look at you sadly before looking back at Brittney.

(I thought you said it was 2 am and that you were gonna go to sleep.)

[’Brittney i thought you said you were gonna have a proper update real soon’ 

‘what’ i say as i look up from my 3ds screen, the title screen music of miitopia reverberates throughout the room] 

Fanfic - Operation Gay Shark and Dolphin - 1/2

Title: Operation Gay Shark and Dolphin

Summary: Brittney decides to help Blaine get a date with the most popular boy at school Sebastian Smythe. But will her kind of help end up keeping Blaine single? McKinley!AU. Season 4!AU.

Pairing: Seblaine

Rating: PG

Word Count: 3910

A/N: Based off this lovely gif set by gif set by Dowa!

Brittney found Blaine sitting alone at a table in the far corner of cafeteria.

For the second week in a row Blaine had been late to Glee club, and today he hadn’t even showed up at all. Brittney volunteered to find him with her keen sense of smell, she could track down Blaine’s raspberry scented hair gel from anywhere in the school. Today however, Brittney didn’t even need to use her nose. On a hunch, and Brittney believed herself to be quarter psychic, she guessed Blaine would be here. Because the reason Blaine kept being late for Glee club had nothing to do with Kitty’s enforced ban on Katy Perry but everything to do with Blaine’s new crush.

Brittney made her way over to Blaine’s table and took the seat next to Blaine. She noted that despite Blaine’s very bright attire he seemed very glum. A dark cloud hung over his usually happy and shiny aura. She mimicked his forlorn position by resting her chin on her hand and slumping her shoulders down. Her eyes then shifted to where Blaine was staring off with longing and recognized Sebastian Smythe’s tall and lank form immediately.

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*goes behind Brittney* You thought that it will be easy to end this? Seriously, I'm not stupid. I can hear everything you're saying. I'm. Not. That. Easy. To. Kill. * bloody red eyes come*

*Squeaks* Sh-She never said we were gonna kill you!

Women In Animation Frozen panel!

Going to try to make this as coherent as possible!!

This was a event held at WDAS and hosted by Women in Animation. I went as a student. There was an hour and a half mixer followed by an hour and a half panel. Both were really interesting - I met a lot of cool people at the mixer and learned a lot of stuff at the panel!

Unfortunately, there was no recording (which is very common at Disney events, it seems.) I DID take a lot of notes, though!

Under the cut: Discussion of the Hans/Anna kiss, Kristanna, production hell, and John Lasseter being a Elsa fanboy.

Featured at the panel were (from the official website)

Animation Studio’s Head of Creative Affairs Maggie Malone with filmmakers, including Director Jennifer Lee; Assistant Art Director Lisa Keene; Animation Supervisor Becky Bresee; Look Supervisor Michelle Robinson, Production Supervisor Jessica Julius; Associate Producer Aimee Scribner; and Visual Development Artist Brittney Lee.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet any of them - they weren’t at the mixer and they disappeared after the event. oh well. One day!

Please forgive my weird order of info, haha.

  • John Lasseter wanted Hans and Anna to kiss, but Jennifer Lee and some other women said no.
  • They said, as a woman, it would be a huge slap in the face for him to get that close and not kiss her.
  • In the movie, they said Hans was planning on kissing her and then changes his mind - that he “was not going to give her even that”.
  • Also, Jenn wanted the one kiss to be with Kristoff.
  • But apparently that kiss almost didn’t happen! Jenn really wanted it, though.
  • However she doesn’t think it’s a true love, end all romance - she thinks Kristoff and Anna are on their first date of sorts at the end of the film.
  • As she said: “You’re eighteen, he’s twenty one, TAKE YOUR TIME!”
  • Elsa is supposed to be a combination of Kai and the Snow Queen from the original story!
  • They talked about the prophecy - apparently at some point the Trolls told the King and Queen about it (hi, your daughter is going to make everyone freeze and or starve to death, bye) and they had real trouble getting it right.
  • They once had a story meeting where everyone had to come up with 3 different prophecies - and they had to rhyme.
  • …. and then they cut it.
  • Apparently John Lasseter is Dean Hardscrabble - nothing surprises him!
  • But they did manage to surprise him with both the use of colors in Elsa’s palace and the fjord finale.
  • John, as you’ve all heard, is a massive Elsa fanboy and would imitate her Let It Go walk. (Apparently, art of this by John Musker exists. I need to see it.)
  • Becky Bresee, as well as some other animators, did a lot of live action reference for Anna in the snow. This included wearing a ball gown.
  • And also a lot of running around.
  • There’s footage of Becky as Anna and Lino Di Salvo as Kristoff - Becky fell …
  • …. and Lino just kept running.
  • Becky, despite being the head of animation for Anna, did the shot of Elsa’s dress transformation. She called it a “dream come true.”
  • Brittney also thought working on Elsa was a dream come true - she is a huge Idina Menzel fan and would listen to Defying Gravity on loop before working at Disney.
  • When she heard Let it Go (the demo version) for the first time, she just froze in place - thinking “how did I get here?”
  • The first day she came in to talk to John, he mistook her for the hair model for Elsa!
  • The shot just post the building of the chandelier 
  • (basically, from here:

  • to here:
  • Took 3 months to render.
  • When they finished, someone was really excited to see Elsa’s tiara because it looked so pretty in the last part they had finished -
  • …which is when they realized it was missing here
  • and they had to render it 
  • all
  • over
  • again
  • The fjord battle was around for years - apparently at some point it involved a snowman battle.
  • Anna had to freeze to death in a “beautiful, appealing way”
  • I totally forgot to add: pre Let it Go, Elsa was a villain - but it was about ‘justifying’ her becoming a villain - she was always going to be redeemed.

And that’s pretty much it! I’ll make another post if i remember anything.