Who’s ready for a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred CAT-FIGHT? Literally! Okay, it’s kind of figurative because they’re not *actually* cats, but it’s pretty close. Felicia Hardy is on a collision course with Patsy Walker. You know what that means? It’s Hellcat vs. Black Cat y’all! Featuring everyone’s favorite teenage vampire Jubilee! But who’s side is she on? Sharpen your claws because it’s going to be a feline fiasco for the ages!
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99



After the news of Frank Cho walking out on doing Wonder Woman variants broke, comics twitter started the #WomenForWonderWoman hashtag to suggest women they’d like to see do a variant cover for the series. Many other comics, such as Red Sonja and Codename Baboushka, have variants done by a featured female artist every month, so we think there’s plenty of room for DC to shine a spotlight on female comic creators for Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary. 

One of the exciting discoveries made through the hashtag was Afu Richardson hinting at doing a Wonder Woman variant! Check out her work here.

Photo credit here, click the images for the artists in the captions.

they’re so worried tiffany will play vanessa’s game but paulie is literally playing codys game.

became a duo with another guy (derrick/corey). working with a group of guys (caleb/franke corey/frank). flirting with a girl to make her vote his way (christine/zakiyah.) taking out a girl who trusts him (brittney/tiffany). is kinda good at comps but doesn’t use them to his advantage. makes stupid moves.

but tiffany cries, so she’s vanessa.

Hello friends~

My name is Jenna (left in the picture), I’m a 20 y/o gay ace gal and I’m being forced out of my house next month. So my friend Brittney and I are planning to get a place together since she needs out of her house as well because of an unfavorable situation that she explains here [X]. We need some help paying for an apartment (details on the gofundme page) because we can’t afford it initially on our own. 

My dad left my mom a couple years ago for a younger blonde and the divorce was just recently finalized, so the house we’ve lived in for 7 years has been sold. It hit me really hard. My dad just up and walked out on us a month after I turned 18, and it ruined the rest of my families lives. My mom moved Arizona to live with my aunt, meanwhile my sister and I have been forced to deal with the realtor and are trying to figure out how to somehow get by on our own. I’ve been so stressed lately that my depression and anxiety are the worst they’ve been in my life, and I can’t sleep at night because I’m terrified. My dad hasn’t bothered to do anything except text us once every three months and ask how we’re doing, and then tell us everything will work itself out when we explain that our lives are falling apart. A lot of my anxiety comes from change, and this whole situation is a huge change. It’s left me feeling extremely unstable and I need to find a permanent living situation as soon as possible. I want nothing more than to live somewhere that I can feel secure. 

Any support that Brittney and I can get will be amazing. A reblog, a couple bucks, anything you can do is more than enough.

Here’s the link for our gofundme: [X]

Thank you so much. 


A comiXologist Recommends

Goldie Vance #4 @boomstudios

by Hope Larson @hopelarson, Brittney Williams @anotherbrittneywilliams and Sarah Stern @worstwizard

In the last issue of the first Goldie Vance story, our intrepid heroine dodges Russians spies, the cops, and the whims of gravity to save a missing hotel guest from certain doom! Will she survive her undercover mission to a rival hotel? Will her cute friend Diane want to be more than just a friend? Tune in to find out!

By day, Goldie is a valet at the chic Crossed Palms Resort in sunny Florida, USA. Also by day, she helps the hotel detective to solve even the most mundane case. When a guest’s necklace goes missing, it’s up to Goldie and her not-boss to solve the mystery. But neither of them could have guessed that the solution was part of a bigger problem…

I’ve loved everything about the Goldie Vance books, from the animated art style to the fact that Goldie’s mom works as a live mermaid in a downtown club. It’s a book that you’ll enjoy if you’re into retro settings, sleuthing, Grease-esque drag racing, mild Cold War era political overtures, or all of the above. I’m so excited that this series is now ongoing and we get to read more adventures soon, and now’s the perfect time to get caught up on this charming story!

Kara Szamborski supervises the production coordinator team at comiXology and co-hosts the weekly comiXologist podcast to help you find the perfect comic for you. She is currently resisting the urge to write Spidevil fanfic.

Prompt from @itsadevereauxthing: Hi! I have another Kabby fanfic idea if you are still looking. One where Kabby get into a fight and Abby refuses to let Marcus into their quarters because he won’t apologize so he has to sleep by himself which he realizes he can’t sleep without Abby and he finally goes apologize because being with her is too important and he admits to her that he can’t sleep without her and she admits she cabs sleep without him.

He wouldn’t apologize and she was too stubborn to back down.

So he ends up in the dim, empty hallway with nothing more than a pillow and blanket she’s thrown at him.

The door behind him cracks open and Bellamy sticks his head out. He doesn’t say a word, but gives Marcus a well knowing look; one that lets the older man know his fight with Abby was anything less than secretive.

“What are you looking at,” he asks Bellamy with a bitter tone, which only makes the oldest Blake smile, shake his head, and disappear behind the door.

He turns in every which direction, unsure of where to go. She’s thrown him out from their quarters only a handful of times… and that was during the daytime, where he could walk off his frustration around the camp or in the forest; never at night.

Her empty quarters is where he finds himself. It’s nothing more than an empty room now, with all of her belongings in his room… their room, he realizes. There’s nothing left here that would let you know it once belonged to Abby Griffin; only a small cot against the wall and a desk pushed up against the adjacent wall.

He falls back against the stiff mattress, throwing the blanket over him and closing his eyes, trying to fall asleep.

But he can’t… because she’s not next to him.

The first night they had shared a bed was the first night he had gotten a decent sleep on the ground. And over time, he had grown so accustomed to her presence, craved the way her body fit next to his, how their body heat mingled and kept them both warm at night.

He misses the way she curls into him, reaching behind her and grabbing his hand, pulling his arm around her so she can cuddle more against his body. He misses the way her hair splays out on the pillow, stray bits tickling his face until he smooths it back down and presses a kiss to the top of her head. How she rolls onto her back just before sleep consumes her, staring up at him with sleep-heavy eyes, grips the back of his neck with one hand, and pulls him down for an endearing, desirous goodnight kiss that always leaves him wanting more. The way she scoots closer to him when he’s turned over in his sleep, unintentionally facing away from her, and how she snakes her arm under his, wraps it around his chest, and presses tiny kisses against his bare back.

Suddenly, whatever it was that they were fighting about doesn’t seem all that important anymore. He can feel himself give, and even if it means he’ll have to apologize for whatever it is he’s said or done, he knows it’s worth the bruised ego to be able to hold her in his arms and fall asleep with her next to him.

He pushes himself up from the bed, grabs his things, and shuffles back down the hallway in record time. He knocks on their door and it doesn’t take long for it to swing open. She stands across from him, dressed in one of his t-shirts that stops against her thighs. Her legs are bare, and her tiny feet are planted firm on the ground as she crosses her arms over her chest. He wants to smile at her look, at how her hair is a tangled mess and how her tiny frame is nearly swallowed whole in his shirt, but he doesn’t.

“I’m sorry,” he says finally, dragging a hand over his face. “I’m sorry for whatever it was I said or did that caused you to grow so angry with me that you had to resort to kicking me out.”

He’s unsure if his apology is accepted or not, because she still looks like she’s waiting for more of an explanation.

“Abby, I can’t sleep. Not by myself, anyway.” He lets his arms fall to his sides in defeat, one hand holding the pillow and the other hand clutching the wool blanket. “I can’t fall asleep without you next to me.”

Suddenly, her facial features relax and she sighs.

“Neither can I,” she admits, slowly reaching for him. Her arms go around his neck and he buries his face into her hair as she pulls him back into their room, shutting the door behind him and locking it. “I can’t promise that we won’t fight in the future, but I can promise that I won’t ever kick you out again,” she says apologetically.

He looks back at their bed and smiles when he see’s his side is untouched, made up and ready for him to take. She takes a spot besides him, loops her arm through his, and tilts her head back to look up at him.

“Ready for bed,” she asks, letting her head fall against his arm. He leans down to press a kiss to the top of her head.

“Ready,” he whispers into her hair, taking the lead and pulling back the covers for her to get into the bed. She gets on all fours on top of the mattress, crawling towards her space, but he grabs her ankles and flips her over without warning.

She spins effortlessly, landing on her back and bouncing against the cot as he hovers above her, lowering his lips to hers even through her giggles.

“Goodnight,” he says, rolling onto his back and reaching out to pull her back against him.

Hellcat #8 is out today! You don’t need to be caught up on Civil War II, but you might need a tissue!

Thanks to Rachelle Rosenberg who did our colours in a tight spot and made the book so so beautiful! You’re a hero! Megan will be back next issue. Brittney continues to be the best. Clayton’s a gem. This book has a dream team, I’m telling you.