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Webseries Worth Watching: The Most Popular Girls in School

I’m surprised I haven’t written about The Most Popular Girls in School before. It’s one of the first webseries I became a huge fan of. Though the show was away for nearly 2 years, and I only made my blog 2 years ago sot hat explains why I didn’t cover it. The Most Popular Girls in School is a hilarious parody show of how vapid and ridiculous popular girls in high school could be, and it’s told with barbies and voice overs for all the cast. The series’ hiatus was possibly due to the creators trying to turn the show into a full length show on TV instead of just a web series on YouTube, so I’m assuming that didn’t workout. I’m just happy to have the cheerleaders and jocks back for season 5! 

The premise of Season 5 is that all the Overland Park teens escape Overland Park for the summer and head to Paris for an international teen modeling competition. The premise of every season is always something ridiculous which is what’s so fantastic about the show. It’s an absurdist, campy, comedy, told with dolls!

MacKenzie Zales is the reigning queen of Overland Park High. She’s head cheerleader, homecoming queen, and a part time mother fucking model. She gets the rest of the group involved in the international modeling competition this season. 

Brittnay Matthews has always been my favorite, though MacKenzie is probably the character I relate to the most. Brittnay and McKenzie have always been frenemies fighting over power in the cheerleading hierarchy. Though they always end up back as friends to help take down everyone else. Brittnay is by far the funniest character, and the memes of the ridiculous things the characters say is what made the show so popular. That’s how I became a fan, seeing all these memes and quotes on Tumblr, and finding them hilarious. 

Trisha Cappalletti is the last member of the cheerleading trifecta. Trisha is the dumbest member of the group, and not as cunning or always on the war path like McKenzie and Brittnay, but Trisha contributes her own ditzy humor to the show. 

Shay Van Buren has always been MacKenzie’s biggest rival. Shay was left deaf in one ear in childhood do to a hackey sack incident. Shay has always resented MacKenzie over it. Shay always wanted to be head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, to follow in her sister Cameron’s footsteps. Though MacKenzie always manages to get Shay ostracized from everything. 

Shay’s older sister Cameron is another of my favorite characters. She’s an absolute trashy slut, whose gone off to college. Though she’s still in Kansas, which adds another element of hilarity to the show. Since every one of these girls is always fighting over who’s the prettiest and most popular, yet they’re all just trapped in some random town in Kansas, and the world is so much bigger, but they’re all so vapid and superficial and think they’re the center of the universe. The Van Burens vs the Cheer Squad is the premise of season 1 of the show, and Cameron is around trying to get Shay to not destroy the legacy Cameron has created as the most beautiful, popular, and sluttiest girl ever in Overland Park history. 

Although Brittnay and Cameron’s constantly verbal beatdowns of each other are some of the most epic parts of the series, Brittnay’s biggest rival is Saison Margueritte. Saison is the new foreign exchange student from France, though Brittnay swears Saison is just French Canadian and just pretending to be from France. Brittnay also loathes Saison after Saison hooks up with her ex, and ends up pregnant with his baby. 

Blaine McClaine is the football player the got with Saison after Brittnay dumped him, and Brittnay has been pissed ever since. Blaine is an absolute idiot and epitome of a dumb jock. 

Matthew Derringer is Trisha’s football player boyfriend. He’s also the only black guy in the cast. Matthew is always the voice of reason. The show makes fun of male dolls not having genitalia by making Matthew having been born without a penis. 

Tanner Christiansen (left) is the QB of the Overland Park football team. He’s openly gay, and all the other guys are super accepting and there’s no issue, which pokes fun at how dumb and homophobic some high schools can be. It’s nice that the show has a gay captain of the football team. Tanner is in a longer term monogamous relationship with Tristan McKie. Tristian is super flaming and the opposite of Tanner, but make a cute couple. Even though they aren’t real, I do love the dynamics of this gay relationship and gay inclusion of the show. 

Jonathan Getslinhaumer aka Than is the outsider among the male characters. Shay is always shunned by the cheer squad, and Than is shunned by the football players. Though Than is shunned for being a sleazy hornball that wants to fuck every guy on the team, though he’s in denial about his sexuality when the show starts. He goes through a bi phase, but it’s obvious Than is always horny for dick. He really wants Tanner since Tanner is hot and popular, and one of the only other openly gay guys in school. 

The show has so many side and supporting characters, and every episode is always amazingly hilarious and entertaining. Catch up with the series on YouTube! 

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Your mpgis art is so cute, I love it all! <3 <3 Also, I keep imagining that with Brittnay in France, Tristan has to go to Shaw for emotional support. And Shaw's idea of consoling his cousin mainly involves threatening to kick Tanner's ass when he gets home.

i like the way u think