brittle locks

Angel AU - Part I

Prompt: Anything (Angels)

Paring: Levi/Mikasa

Setting: Urban Modern Day AU

Genre: Paranormal

A/N: This has been sitting unfinished for god knows how long, oh yeah since the last RivaMika Week. But it’s almost done now (there is going to be part 2), and is another one of my handful of one-shots I’ve been aching to get done. Okay bout this. I love angels. There is much talk about vamps, demons and such dark paranormal stuff in fiction. But it’s hard for me to find quality fiction on angels. (that and I’ve really lost interest in reading fiction in the past few years. So there might be good ones out there. I’m lazy and a very picky reader. Except for fanfiction. I read almost anything with my OTPs. It’s more of a need than quality.) Dominions, Virtues are higher ranked heavenly beings for those who don’t know.

Part 1 [HERE] || Part 2 [link] || Part 3 [link] || Part 4 [tba] ||

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stxrryeyes  asked:

Could you do Basemain for Perc'ahlia, maybe?

Baisemain: a kiss on the hand

i. it is an instinct.

it comes to him like breathing, easy and unnoticed until he realizes what he has done and then every motion pulls on him, on the sinew-taunt waiting waiting waiting between his ribs; his bones feel brittle beneath him. the lock clicks, weight falls from his wrists, and even though the other one––a twin, a reflection, in this moment he is not sure––hisses their need for haste, he bends at the waist (back straight, percival, there’s a good boy) and brings her hand up, breath eddying in the scant inch of empty air between his salt-chapped lips and her sun-worn skin, and he feels every whorl and callus of her fingers against his hand.

he thinks he hears the breath of her laugh. he does not know.

he introduces himself as he straightens, his long-winded and long-forgotten name rolling off his tongue as easy as breathing. in an instant he is a lord again, despite the grime and the horrors and the last of his fortune he has just promised to the dark-eyed half-elven woman in his cell.

we have to go, says the other one, quick and sharp.

what is your name? asks percival fredrickstein von musel klossowski de rolo iii, light with the taste of freedom.

vex’ahlia, she says, and it is the most beautiful thing he has heard.

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The brand’s global artistic director gets salty with us.

“Surf Spray is perfect for getting big, beachy texture with grit,” begins Laurent Philippon, Bumble and bumble’s global artistic director. “But, it can be too dry or matte for certain types.” This set the iconic hair brand on a search for the silver bullet for their clients with damaged, dry, or brittle locks. The result: Surf Infusion, an oil- and salt-infused spray that gives everyone a shot at soft, sea-tossed waves. “Infusing that saltiness with oils has never been done like this before,” Philippon proudly points out. Below, a breakdown of how Bumble and bumble raised the bar (that it set itself 14 years ago with Surf Spray) on bottling that just-back-from-the-beach look. MELISSA LANE


The new salt-in-oil formula is a mellow mix of hydrating tropical oils, texturizing sea salts, and UV filters that guard against the drying effects of the sun.


The tropical oil blends coconut, passion fruit, mango seed, and palm oils to soften and condition hair; the sea salt and mineral blend uses Dead Sea salts and magnesium sulfate for body and texture; and the Beach Protective blend uses coconut fruit extract, algae extract, and UV inhibitors to moisturize, protect, and balance.


A softer twist on windswept waves with surf-tousled texture and sun-reflecting sheen.


Shake well. This is important: It’s a dual-phase formula, so you have to combine the oils, sea salts, and minerals.

Mist. Whether hair is damp or dry doesn’t matter, just make sure to aim for the mid-shaft and ends, where moisture is most needed. Use sparingly at the root to avoid weighing things down.

Style by squeezing or twisting. For soft waves, apply Surf Infusion then air-dry. To build more volume, apply Surf Infusion then diffuse. If needed, touch up and smooth with a brush once dry, or with a curling iron to add more wave.


When in doubt, layer!

For lift, use Surf Spray at the roots, then Surf Infusion on the lengths for texture and sheen.

To soften, tame, and prep hair for styling, apply Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer first.

For body, texture, and added hold, layer Surf Infusion over Thickening Hairspray, then diffuse.

To refresh or add more volume, apply Prêt-à-Powder once dry.

To build body and texture in the shower before styling, start with Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Creme Rinse Conditioner.

Super dry hair? Try a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, such as sulfate-free Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

For finer types, combine Surf Spray with Grooming Creme. Surf Infusion alone runs the risk of weighing down fine hair.

Want to know more? Watch our video for a step-by-step on how to create beachy waves. 



Damage Control

For my tumblr daughters and frequent partners in crime, trina-deckers and feistyvagabond. I hope you enjoy this. Personally, I enjoyed writing this far too much…

It began on the metro, one dreary Thursday in D.C., the rain continuing to soak those unfortunates still above ground all but all but forgotten in the depths as two travelers make their way home, two strangers who glance at each other in passing on a daily basis, two women living separate lives with more in common than they realize.

Lives collide in the strangest of places, circumstances running together, blending two distinctive colors into a new shade as fate makes its move, cleverly disguising itself as coincidence in the process. But chance is not at work here as a delay forces the train to stop, prompting the tall blonde to sit up straighter, to adjust her charcoal blazer with deep red nails and the petite brunette to look up from her cell phone, wine colored lips parting in confusion until they collide with steel blue eyes facing her head on.

“What the hell?” red lips utter, eyes narrowing as she takes in the few remaining passengers at the late hour.

“God only knows,” black brows respond, a slight head tilt hinting at a comradery as of yet undefined. “It’s always something, isn’t it?”

The space is more confined somehow, the air stilled as they sit unmoving, the inactivity prompting the blonde to check her watch.

“Are you late for something,” the brunette questions, more out of a need to pass time than to actually engage the other woman in conversation. Blue eyes narrow then flash, and the other woman sees something, something she’d rather not name and tries to push aside but recognizes all the same.

“My husband doesn’t like it when I’m late,” red lips respond, twitching once before sheer will and panache lock fair features into a practiced mask of deception. Dark eyes look back at her, swallowing audibly as her gaze falls back to her phone.

“Neither does mine,” the brunette admits, her smile forced yet regal, her spine brittle and locked. They say nothing, meet blink for blink until the blonde nods towards the other woman’s wrist, flicking her eyebrows just so.

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