Brittany Bosco- lemonade 
Never heard this track before don’t know if was apart of a ep or something but enjoy….

What if no one prepared you for fame. How would you feel?

Your impulses….how would you react?

Who would you become when happiness is filter through finer things?

Did we forget we all have debts to pay?

When there’s no space or privacy, nor a simple phone call- delete. Everything is documented and calculated. The ideal “Pop Star”. Fair skinned, long hair, coke bottle shape, the American Dream. So many stains in her panties. Put your pussy on a platter. Dinner served. You bring in the millions. Views and dollars.  The only thing left in this earth is religion and gold.

This is the emotion I felt when I was faced with these questions.


The Influencers

Happy to be apart of this collective of people who are making a difference. It always amazes me that people are influenced by my works. I still think I suck lol…….

Duckie Brown NYFW

“Brittany, I will hate you for life if you make me miss this show” Najee said. I was scrambling to find the perfect outfit and hair choice of the day. I quickly gathered my things and ran of the door literally. We got off to our train station and booked it running in my shear chiffon dress and Najee’s very clean palette outfit and comme de garcon shoes.  We get there in time and was seated. Menswear is my absolute favorite! This collection inspired me so much not to mention that so many fashion icons was at this show ( Wooster, yes!)