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insatiablelilith  asked:

Lilith knocks on the motel room door; three fast knocks, followed by two slow ones. It was the secret way so the others knew it was her. She had finally managed to outrun the hunters and make it to the meet up place. But not without a few wounds.

The girl hated leaving Lilith behind, knowing that she might not come back. Quinn was about to go find her, search for her but luckily she didn’t need to. The knock on the door had her racing, she peaked out before opening it quickly and helped her inside. “You’re alright,” She kissed her lips before bringing her to the bed. Santana and Brittany preparing some water for the wounds on her body.
“Mama okay!” Diamond saw that she was hurt, but she was here and the kids were so happy.

This is my first time in a long, long time playing a greek house, and I’m not sure how I feel about the “visit campus” automatic action…? I mean it’s nice that they don’t have to spend half their lives cooking, but sometimes they sorta go at awkward times… :p

Brittany doesn’t look too pleased either, though that might just be her face!