brittany x rachel

  • When Santana and Brittany start living together, their house is a mess because neither of them can cook or clean or, you know, adult.
  • Their first and the most frequent domestic argument is about who was supposed to feed Lord Tubbington and who forgot to. Santana tells Brittany it’s her cat, so she has to feed him. Brittany tells Lord is a big boy and should cook for himself if he wants to eat.
  • Brittany brings lots of flowers in their house every day, mostly daisies. Santana thinks Brittany could be a wild daisy herself. They have three cactuses and two succulents on their sill.
  • Santana doesn’t like people coming to their flat much, but Brittany is extra excited to live with her and wants to invite everyone she knows, so they have home parties every two weeks.
  • Rachel and Quinn visit them a lot and always bring them food. Santana jokes with Brittany that a couple of years later they will be the ones coming to those totally-not-girlfriends’ house. They actually will.
  • Their flat’s design was made by Brittany, so it’s too colorful and rainbow for their own good. Santana secretly loves it.
  • Brittany wears her ring on her neck on a chain because in the first year of their marriage she lost it twice. 
  • Santana masters her cooking skills and eventually she’s the best at pancakes and risotto. 
  • Santana braids Brittany’s hair every evening while Brittany reads to her out loud and Lord Tubbington sleeps at their feet. 
  • They spend their first anniversary in Disneyland. 
  • Brittany wears Santana’s t-shirts at night and they look adorable on her as they are always a little short. 
  • They keep more tea in their cupboards than food in the fridge. Brittany loves all herbal, Santana cringes at it but drinks with her anyway. 
  • One of the walls in their bedroom is all filled with their pictures through the  years. The other one is filled with Tubbington’s photos.
  • Brittany writes little reminders for herself and sticks them everywhere. Santana thinks it’s cute, Quinn thinks it’s ridiculous to write, “Wear shoes” and stick it to the door. 
  • Brittany is a maths professor at uni and Santana sometimes get jealous because of how many love notes she gets from her students. 
  • They spend a week in July in Ohio with their parents every year.  
  • Santana uses pencils Brittany always forgets on the table to tie up her hair.
  • They are the most adorable and amazing and gay wives.
You're really great (1/1)

Not sure why I wrote this but…here’s a fluffy BrittBerry one-shot. Set in season one/early season two I guess. 

Rachel was standing over the sink dabbing at her teary eyes when she saw the door opening behind her. She immediately tensed, half expecting a Cheerio to have followed her into the bathroom to inflict further torture upon her. When Brittany S Pierce walked into the room, Rachel felt a stab of fear, half expecting Santana to walk in after her. The two Cheerio’s were after all seen as a two-shot. Where there was one, the other usually wasn’t far away. When the door swung shut however, Rachel allowed herself to relax slightly.

“I saw you get slushied.” Brittany stated bluntly as she stepped forward.

“I was under the impression that everybody in the school saw me being slushied.” Rachel stated as she turned back to the mirror. She stared intently at her reflection and the sight of blue ice all over her hair and clothes brought more tears to her eyes. Trying valiantly not to cry in front of the blonde cheerio, Rachel bent to pull a towel out of her ‘emergency slushy bag’ at her feet. When she stood up, she was shocked to find that Brittany had moved silently across the bathroom until she was standing right behind her.

“Let me.” Brittany murmured as she plucked the fluffy white towel out of Rachel’s hand.

Rachel was about to question Brittany’s motives but when she met baby blue eyes in the mirror, she opted to stay silent as Brittany went to work with the towel. With gentle yet firm strokes, she began to run the towel through Rachel’s sticky hair to get the slushy out “You have really nice hair.”

Rachel’s brow furrowed at the sudden compliment “Thank you?”

Brittany nodded mutely before falling silent, her gaze slightly unfocused as she continued to gently towel dry Rachel’s hair.

Rachel was slightly wary of saying anything to break Brittany’s train of thought so she merely fell back into her own sombre thoughts and memories of the slushy attack as Brittany worked.

“You’re crying…” Brittany stated after a few minutes of silence.

Rachel lifted her hand to her cheek to find that she did indeed have a few stray tears falling from her eyes “I was recalling being slushied…the name calling.”

“You shouldn’t listen to what they say.” Brittany said quietly as she continued to manoeuvre the towel through Rachel’s slightly sticky hair “I think you’re the greatest thing ever. Apart from ducks of course but that’s because nothing’s better than ducks.”

“Why do you say that?” Rachel asked, her disbelief written across her face “Don’t you think I’m a loser like the rest of the cheerios do?”

“I think you’re great.” Brittany repeated softly “You’re a great singer, you offer to help people and you’re really pretty.” Finally finishing with the clean-up, she dropped the towel and began to run her fingers lightly through Rachel’s hair to remove any tangles she might have missed “I think you’re really great and you shouldn’t listen to people who say that you’re not.”

Rachel met Brittany’s intent gaze in the mirror and she nodded her head in acknowledgement.

Brittany leaned forward so that her nose was slightly buried in Rachel’s hair and inhaled slowly “You smell like blueberries.” With a final smile towards Rachel, she began to back off “I have to get to cheerios practice. Bye Rach.”

Rachel was slightly stunned by the events that had unfolded in the past five minutes but when Brittany got to the door, she quickly turned around “Wait, Brittany…” it was too late however as the door swung shut behind the cheerio “…thank you.”

Since real life is hella stressful I need to balance things out and what better way would there be than 1x1s?
So here we go with my Wishlist!


  • Rachel x Santana
  • Rachel x Quinn
  • Rachel x Brittany
  • Rachel x Dani
  • Rachel x Marley
  • Rachel x Kitty
  • Rachel x Puck
  • Rachel x Jesse
  • Rachel x Sam
  • Rachel x Mike
  • Rachel x Sebastian
  • Rachel x Hunter
  • Rachel x Blaine
  • Rachel x Ryder
  • Rachel x Jake
  • Rachel x Quinn x Santana
  • Rachel x Santana x Brittany
  • Rachel x Santana x Brittany x Quinn
  • Rachel x Santana x Dani
  • Rachel x Sam x Blaine
  • Rachel x Finn x Puck
  • Rachel x Sam x Tina
  • Rachel x Kitty x Marley
  • Rachel x Sebastian x Blaine
  • Quinn x Sam
  • Quinn x Finn
  • Quinn x Jesse
  • Quinn x Finn x Puck
  • Quinn x Sam x Santana
  • Marley x Jake
  • Marley x Ryder
  • Marley x Kitty
  • Marley x Kitty x Ryder x Jake
  • Marley x Sam x Kitty
  • Twincest 
  • Genderswap

FCs dying to use or play against ( I would play all of those just saying)

  • Ashley Benson x Shay Mitchell
  • Ashley Benson x Lea Michele
  • Ashley Benson x Lily Collins
  • Shay Mitchell x Lucy Hale
  • Shay Mitchell x Claire Holt
  • Shay Mitchell x Dianna Agron
  • Troian Bellisario x Lucy Hale
  • Lucy Hale x Colton Haynes
  • Lucy Hale x Nina Dobrev
  • Nina Dobrev x Claire Holt
  • Claire Holt x Candice Accola/King
  • Claire Holt x Matt Roerig
  • Claire Holt x Nate Buzolic
  • Claire Holt x Joseph Morgan
  • Lily Collins x Sam Claflin
  • Lily Collins x Grant Gustin
  • Lily Collins x Arden Cho
  • Holland Roden x Shelley Henig
  • Blake Lively x Leighton Meester
  • Britt Robertson x Holland Roden

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Sorry if this is probably annoying, but are you going to continue the last fic you posted? It seems really interesting and I love that Beth is in it, for some odd reason..but anyway, for the meme, please: Rachel and Brittany, Cagamosis, Basorexia, Mamihlapinatapei

I will continue the last fic I posted, however there is a disclaimer. I normally write slowly in my off-time, as I find writig less a leisure activity and more a procrastinating actvity, so my writing is, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, proportional to my school schedule. I post more towards the beginning and middle and really buckle down at the end because that’s just the type of person I am, so it will be finished - particularly because I really enjoyed that first section, the second part is nearly finished, and I’m always really excited to write anything featuring Quinn-centric ideas for some of my fave people. So it will be finished, it’ll just be a while.

Cagamosis - An unhappy marriage.

“You don’t talk to me anymore.” Brittany was facing the wall when she said it, lying on her stomach, squashing her breasts beneath her.

“I’m sorry,” Her wife offered, reflexively. It seemed to be the only thing she ever had to say, now, when Brittany voiced displeasure or annoyance or an opinion, as if “sorry’s” fixed nations, homes, families. Sorry was not a cure, it was an omission of guilt.

She snapped, “Stop that.”

Rachel was quiet, then said, “I don’t know any other way to be.”

The other side of the bed had never seemed so far away and yet, too close.

Basorexia - An overwhelming desire to kiss

Brittany’s face, slack in sleep, demanded to be kissed. Her nose and cheeks were covered in freckles, the long, pale lashes of her eyes just barely leaving shadows. Rachel kissed them, wide awake, still filled with wonder after all this time, that Brittany loved her and she loved Brittany and she could do such a monumental thing as prepare her for a new day.

“Wake up,” Rachel murmured, her nose pressed against her soft hair, lips barely moving. “Wake up,” Against the backdrop of the rising sun, tentatively poking upwards, clean sheets, warm skin. “Wake up,” When blue eyes fluttered open, she smiled, and her wife’s eyes brightened.

“Good morning my love,” She managed to say, before the urge to kiss her was too strong. She gave her soft, butterfly kisses against her nose and cheeks and forehead and lips, making laughter bubble up, brightening their day.

Mamihlapinatapei - The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.

Brittany shuffled her feet, standing in the hall, hoping for a glance of the small brunette before her lecture started.

She’d met her once at a party - drinking, effurvescent in her tawdry jokes and knowledge, soaking up the attention Brittany wished away - and promptly fallen in love. She was certain the woman didn’t know she existed, but she smiled at her every time she saw her and that was enough for her.

When she saw the brunette, she waved, just a little, and received a beaming smile in return. Her stomach fluttered and she turned to her class.

She’d waited so long, there were only two seats availible, at the table next to where the TAs sat. She grabbed a seat, before it was taken, and pulled her notebook out for notes. By the time she managed to look up, the seat had been taken, and she nearly swallowed her tongue at seeing the gorgeous woman again.

They looked at one another for a long moment before the smaller woman blinked twice, very hard, scrunching her nose up, and red crawled up her face. Brittany turned, shoulders hunched, but said nothing.