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Vans Girls Music Crushes: The Wild Reeds

We’ve all had our hearts broken at one point or another, and along with that we often seek out a band or album in hopes of finding comfort in a wistful thread of relatable lyrics. For us, that band is The Wild Reeds. This SoCal indie-folk band may have packed their last album, Blind and Brave with lovesick lyrics, but the female-fronted quintet is far from the damsel in distress type. Last month we caught up with Kinsey, Mack, and Sharon to chat about their new album, and it’s evolution from heartbreak consumed lyrics to empowering self-realization. We even got the skinny on a rather hilarious text message involving a photograph of underwear…

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Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries // Babes Ride Out:  Nina Kaplan 

Look up the word “wanderlust” in the dictionary, and we’re pretty sure you’d come across a photo of moto-babe, Nina Kaplan. Her infectious smile, and adventurous spirit make Nina the ultimate road warrior to add to your travel crew, and time-and-time again she has proven to be one of the most adventurous women we’ve ever met. Just like us, Nina traveled from California to attend Babes Ride Out East Coast, and we were excited to catch up with this ball of positive energy in the humid heat of Catskill, New York. Get to know more about Nina, and learn how motorcycles have changed her life, and the advice she has for girls interested in riding. 

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Back row: Brittany Wood, Kara Borzello, Jessica Bryant, Natalie Szczur, Juliana Zobrist

Front Row: Brittany Arrieta, Kristina Lackey, Melisa Russell, Gina Grimm


Paimpont forest
Brittany, France



Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries // Babes Ride Out: Virginia Hall 

Hailing from the outskirts of New Jersey comes Babes Ride Out East Coast manager, Virginia Hall. With a big smile, and an even bigger heart, this one-of-a-kind hardtail-scooting gem has easily become one of our favorite girls in the moto scene— and with good reason! Her humility and genuine nature have earned her a spot on our list of “top people to travel with,” and let’s face it… there’s something pretty rad about a woman who has built her own bike. As we pulled up late into the campsite, we sat and chatted with Virginia (clearly she was someone we were eager to hang out with)  about the highs and lows she experienced while building, and the life-altering moments that can only be encountered on two wheels.

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Follow My Vans: Ashmore Ellis of Babes Ride Out

Riding motorcycles is all about having fun, and if you ever get the chance to meet Babes Ride Out co-founder, Ashmore Ellis, we think you’d agree that she is a true testament to that statement. With a smile on her face, and wind in her hair, Ashmore is a beaming light of positivity whose adventurous spirit and quirky sense of humor makes you want to make her your own personal motorcycle tour guide. Not to mention Ashmore and her B.F.F. Anya have been working tirelessly for over a year to organize the largest all-female moto campout, and we were lucky enough to have her share some of her favorite memories from past events as well as the struggles she’s encountered along the way. Here’s a hint: highlights include an epic solo head-bang sesh to Metallica.

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GUYS, it’s childhood in a picture. Vanity Fair 2003

But wait, it gets better!