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Bechloe Week Day 7: Sunday

And here is the final oneshot for @bechloe-week 2016! Hope you enjoyed these :) Getting back into recreational writing, after, like, 7 years was really fun!

“Is that seriously what it’s called? ‘Big Gay Ice Cream Shop’? This is gold.”

“Right?! Perfection. These Sundae Sunday’s are really popular. People all over the city come here for the 2-for-1 ice cream sundaes.”

“This is pretty cool, Jesse. But you know I don’t really like ice cream. It’s too cold.”

“You mean, just like your heart?”

“UGH. Why do I even put up with you?”

“Because I am the perfect lesbro. And I was your beard all throughout college.”

True. And to add on, Beca would’ve never moved out of Atlanta if it wasn’t for Jesse connecting her with Sony’s production company in New York City. She was thankful that her lesbro has been showing her around the city for the past four days, between all of his post-production meetings.

“Hi, I’m Aubrey. Welcome to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! What can I get for you?”

“Hey, I’ll have a scoop of mint chocolate chip and a scoop of chocolate in a waffle cone. Whaddya want, Becs? …Becs?”

The DJ, however, wasn’t paying any attention to her friend; all senses were focused on the redhead girl manning the cashier two stations away. The HOT redhead girl. An elbow to her side brought her out of her daze.

“Beca, do you want ice cream or not? Because we can get you a cupcake somewhere instead.”

“N-no… I’ll have a cookies n cream in a waffle cone, thanks,” Beca replied, eyes flicking back and forth between the redhead and Jesse. The other girl met her eye for a moment, smiled at her, then focused back on the customer. Still distracted, Beca nearly dropped the cone when Aubrey handed it to her.

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Don’t imagine Beca and Chloe going to an amusement park and Chloe drags Beca to a huge Ferris Wheel and they get on the ride and it gets stuck with them at the top and Chloe then realizes that Beca has an extreme fear of heights

Bechloe Week Day 1: Candy

I decided to try my hand at writing a fic, so here’s a oneshot for @bechloe-week. Sorry in advance for any errors (or if it sucks). Anyways, here it is!

(Kinda sorta slightly inspired by my perfectly-timed trip to Hershey Park yesterday)

“What a loot! Were you planning to share any of that?” Chloe asked, eyeing the pile of candy sitting in front of Beca as she plopped down on the bed beside the brunette, setting her laptop in front of her.

“It’s Amy’s way of apologizing for taking $20 from my purse. She returned the money in the form of candy. Hence Mount Diabetes,” Beca answered, motioning towards the sweets. “Whatever. It’s the thought that counts.”

“Perfect timing for our movie night! How many movies do you think this’ll last?”

“You can’t be serious, Beale? Aren’t singers supposed to take care of their voice? Not lie in bed and eat enough candy to damage their vocal chords?”

“Eating sour candy actually helps soothe vocal chords, Becs. However, there *are* other activities done in bed that can possibly cause vocal damage,” Chloe teased, accompanied with her signature wink.

Beca choked on the Sour Patch Kid she was chewing on and had a coughing fit; Chloe giggled at her to the point of tears.

“Oh. My gosh. Can you at least TRY not to kill me???”

“Sorry, Becs, it’s just too easy to get a rise out of you,” Chloe replied, wiping tears from her eyes.

“You suck.”

Chloe smirked and opened her mouth, but Beca interrupted her before she could make another sensual comment.

“ANYWAYS. What are we watching tonight? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny, Mitchell. I told you yesterday. We’re watching Pearl Harbor!”

“You can’t be serious! That movie is three hours long!”

“I guess it’s a good thing Amy got you all this sugar; you’ll be awake the entire three hours! Maybe even longer!”

Beca groaned, opening another pack of Sour Patch Kids and popping a red one in her mouth. “Whatever. Just get on with it.”

The opening credits started rolling, and silence took over the room, save for the movie and occasional crinkle of candy wrappers.

Though Beca favored action movies, she wasn’t a huge fan of this one since it focused more on the romance than the actual war. But she tolerated it to please Chloe. The list of things she tolerated on Chloe’s behalf grew exponentially. ‘That’s what friends do for each other,’ she always told herself. But deep down, she knew there was probably another reason.

A few minutes into the movie, during the iconic eye exam scene, Beca interrupted the silence to ask “Which side are you on, Team Rafe or Team Danny?”

Chloe usually asked her which character she favored more, probably an attempt to make sure Beca was actually paying attention to the movie. This time, however, the brunette decided to beat her to the punch.

“Team Evelyn, obviously. I’ve always had a thing for brunettes,” Chloe responded, nudging Beca with her shoulder.

Beca was about to choke on another piece of candy, but saved herself in time. “Chloe, that wasn’t one of the options. Besides, they’re all brunettes.”

“Should’ve been one of the options. I mean, have you *seen* Kate Beckinsale?”

Beca couldn’t argue with that.

They continued watching the movie, slowly but surely tackling Mount Diabetes. The diminishing pile of confectionaries forced Chloe to scoot closer and closer to Beca in order to reach her desired snacks. Or maybe she was just using that reason as an excuse to repeatedly reach over Beca’s lap. When Evelyn and Danny were having their moment in the parachute hanger, Chloe reached over again, but instead of reaching for more candy, she rested her hand on Beca’s thigh.

That scene wasn’t overly sensual at all, but Beca still felt her body temperature rising, especially where Chloe had decided to rest her hand. The redhead felt her companion squirm in her seat.

“Aw, Becs. Is the sex scene making you uncomfortable? This barely counts as a sex scene! I can show you a hundred hotter sex scenes!”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that at all, Beale,” Beca quickly responded, reaching for the last Twizzler in the pile and taking a bite. “But I’ll pass.”

“Your loss,” Chloe replied, taking the Twizzler from Beca and biting a piece off.

“Hey! Get your own!”

“It’s the last piece, and you know how much I love Twizzlers. Split it with me?”

“Fine,” Beca grumbled, taking another bite and handing the piece back to Chloe. “But I get last bite.”

“Fine.” Chloe swallowed the piece she was chewing on – “Come get it.” – and stuck one end back in her mouth.

Beca looked over at the redhead. “Cut it out, Beale,” Beca muttered, reaching over to grab the Twizzler, but Chloe just grasped both of her hands and lifted an eyebrow, as if she was daring the brunette.

Beca froze. Part of her wanted to forget about it. It was just a piece of candy, and she wasn’t a three year old. But the other part of her couldn’t look away from the redhead’s lips, at the ridiculous piece of Twizzler sticking out of it.

The movie long forgotten, Chloe slowly let go of Beca’s hands, instead running her own hands up the younger one’s arms, past her shoulders, up her neck, until she had a hand on each of Beca’s cheeks. She shifted forward slightly, pulling Beca towards her, until the brunettes lips were touching the other end of the Twizzler.

Beca realized how close she was to the redhead, feeling Chloe’s breath on her face. She opened her mouth slightly, enough to fit the candy in her mouth, and slowly inched forward until she felt their lips connect.

The candy forgotten, Chloe closed her eyes, savoring the long-awaited feeling of the brunette’s warm lips on hers. They stayed unmoving for a few seconds until Chloe felt Beca pull away, biting off the last piece of the Twizzler.

The brunette sat back in her spot, chewing the candy, with a smirk on her face. “Victory.”

Chloe missed the feeling of Beca’s lips on hers, but she didn’t miss a beat. “You can say that again,” she replied, licking her lips.

“I’ll make sure we have Twizzlers at our next movie night,” Beca added, swallowing the candy.

“Or we could forget about the candy. And I don’t feel like waiting until the next movie night.”

Bechloe Week Day 2: Sick

Here’s my oneshot for @bechloe-week day 2!
Slightly gross. Slightly autobiographical. Still *sickeningly* sweet. (At least, in my opinion. Lol)

The music thumped through her body in a consistent tempo. Usually, whenever she was nervous, she’d listen to a beat-heavy song, and her heart would beat in-time with the music, calming her nerves. This time was different. She’d been anxious all day, too on-edge to eat, sleep, even mix. No, not because it was her first college party, but because she might finally have a proper conversation with that redhead who barged into her shower and forced her to audition for the Bellas, into which she was just initiated.

“Chloe,” she uttered to herself.

“No. Jesse. Are you drunk already? Can’t see straight?” a random voice replied.

Beca snorted at that. “Seems I’m not doing anything straight nowadays.”


“Nothing. Um, no, I’m not drunk. I just got here.”

“Great! I’ll go get you some sustenance, my lady,” and he sauntered off to the drinks table.

“I’m not your lady,” Beca replied to the back of Jesse’s head.

She then saw the redhead heading her way.
‘I’ll be your lady,’ she thought.

“Oh gosh, snap out of it, Mitchell! Don’t be a creep,” Beca reprimanded herself. ‘But who’s the one that barged into your shower? Naked.’

The redhead finally stumbled to Beca, grabbed her hands, and pulled her close. Very close.

‘Oh my gosh, she’s going to kiss me.’

Instead, Chloe stopped a few inches short of Beca’s face, and the younger Bella used all her willpower to keep herself from moving forward a few inches to connect their lips.

“I’m so glad I met you! I think we’re gonna be really fast friends.”

Despite the disappoint at the lack of a kiss, Beca quickly responded with a wink, “Yea, well you saw me naked, so.”

Chloe continued on with her slightly drunken drawl, but all Beca could focus on was the proximity of their bodies. Their faces inches apart, her hands dangerously close to the senior Bella’s crotch, her stare fixated on the redhead’s lips. Sure, she hadn’t had a drop to drink yet, but she definitely felt intoxicated. In a good way, of course.

Before long, she felt Chloe’s hands run up to her shoulders and back to her hands. A shiver ran down the brunette’s spine while Chloe let go and turned to walk away.

“See ya later!”

Beca’s eyes were glued to the redhead’s swaying rear end as Chloe ventured off to find her…jiggle juice??

Jesse returned, handing Beca a red plastic cup. “I hope you like getting screwed!”

Exasperated, Beca exclaimed, “Excuse me??”

“Get it? Get it? Because it’s a screwdriver!”

Beca groaned and proceeded to down her drink instead of responding. The Treble kept talking but was too intoxicated to realize Beca was no longer listening, too busy scanning the crowd for a certain redhead.

As the night went on, Beca trudged over to the makeshift bar, refilling her cup, and continued spying on the social butterfly that was Chloe Beale, speaking to basically every person at the party. The freshman found herself increasingly jealous whenever the senior spoke extensively to yet another stereotypically-hot guy with big arms and a chiseled jawline. The jealousy just made her visits to the bar more frequent, the guzzling of her drink more frantic, and the beating of her heart more sporadic, the pounding in her head more painful.

Beca lost track of how many drinks she’d consumed by the time Chloe made her way back to the freshman.

“Hey, Becs! Enjoying the party??” Chloe asked, gleefully.

“Mhm!” Beca replied, a lazy smile on her face, eyes half-closed, swaying slowly to the music. Chloe swayed along with Beca, faces a few inches apart yet again, though this time, they were standing at the same height. Before she realized what was happening, Beca felt Chloe’s lips on hers, then felt the redhead’s tongue seeking access.

Instead of parting her lips, Beca shoved Chloe’s shoulders, pushing the surprised redhead away, and puked into Chloe’s red plastic cup, a few drops of vomit landing on Chloe’s hands.

A Treble ran over, garbage bag in hand, and Chloe threw out the puke-filled cup, Beca spewing out the last bits of vomit into the bag.

Despite her still-inebriated state, Beca was BEYOND horrified. Expecting Chloe to trudge off in disgust, Beca turned around and ran – well, hobbled was more like it – towards the bathroom. A few steps later, she felt two hands tightly grab her right upper arm.

“Whoa, slow down there, Mitchell.”

Beca, still mortified, did not respond in fear of more projectile vomiting to ensue and allowed Chloe to guide her all the way to the sinks. She gargled a few times, washed her face, and gladly accepted the paper towel Chloe had retrieved for her, after the redhead washed off her own hands.

The brunette just stared at her hands, not wanting to make eye contact with the person she basically just puked on. “Thank you. And, um, so sorry about that…”

“No, I’m sorry for making you sick. No one’s ever complained about my kissing before, but I’d call that response pretty self-explanatory.”

Beca looked up at the mirror to see the redhead with a gentle, expectant smile on her face.

“I’m so sorry, Chlo.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve had plenty experience with friends projectile vomiting. Though it was never right after I kissed them…”

Beca blushed and looked back down at her hands.

“Seriously, Becs, it’s okay!” assured Chloe, “I’m just glad you didn’t puke into my mouth!”

Beca made a disgusted face. “If that happened, I’d never be able to face you again. I’d have run off to LA before sunrise.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t run off *that* quickly. Because I really want to finish what we started,” Chloe hinted, pressing her front into Beca’s back and wrapping her arms around the younger Bella’s torso.

“Jeez, keep it in your pants, Beale! At least let me brush my teeth first!”

And by slightly autobiographical, I mean that I puked into a red solo cup and onto my friend’s hand at a party once. She didn’t get mad either.

I could’ve made this prompt super fluffy, but, apparently, that’s not how I roll.