Now your character Chloe and Anna Kendrick’s character Beca…are you aware of this fanbase that ships for those two characters to get together?

Yes! We learned about it pretty quickly after the first movie was over, and I remember Kendrick looking it up and asking “Do you know that there’s people that write about us”, and I found it so fascinating and also such an honor because I met a girl who realized she was gay from the fan fiction that was written about Chloe. It’s such an honor to be a character that can make people realize things about themselves.

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At the end of the movie, when they show all of the black and white pictures and it’s like a yearbook — I’m very much Chloe in this way, I love memories — I’ve seen the movie twice now, and I’ve lost it both times at the end. Those are our memories, and we get to see them on-screen. Not everybody gets to have that.
– Brittany Snow