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Hey guys!

I went for a jog like, last weekend and I got lost. I think everyone thought I left the house, but I’ve actually spent the entire week lost in the woods. I learnt how to survive from the land and a pack of wolves tried to adopt me, but I told them I already have a family back at the Runaway home. It was nice of them to consider taking me into their family though. They even gave me a present!

AND it’s my birthday today! I guess I kinda forgot until now because being lost in the woods makes you forget things. Oh, I wish I could have had a birthday with the wolves. But then again, I’m guessing Sam is going to give me an awesome birthday.

Frosty & Cocoa || Bram

Opening the closet, looking for his winter coat, Sam quickly grabbed his mittens and scarf, putting them on as his eyes roamed on the ground, in search of his boots. When he finally got everything he needed for his night out with Brittany, he placed his snow pants in his duffel bag along with 2 powder mix of hot chocolate and his winter accessories. It had been a couple of days since he last hung out with Britt and he knew they would have a lot of fun playing outside in the snow. One last look at his surroundings and Sam left his house, walking towards his car to get to the Pierce’s household.

anonymous asked:

OOC: Is Brittany gonna hide her friendship from everyone? If so some friend she is.

OOC: No, Brittany would never do that. Yes she knows that Mercedes and Sam are pretty much done with Santana. But she would never and act as if she wasn’t friends with Santana. Brittany has never been fake like that, if she is your friend, she is your friend, regardless of what people think. She loves Santana just like she loves Mercedes. Brittany isn’t a part time friend, never has, and never will be.