brittany s pierce

Lol. Summary of my 2015
  • January: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • February: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • March: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • April: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • May: *fangirls over lesbians*
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  • July: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • August: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • September: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • October: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • November: *fangirls over lesbians*
  • December: *fangirls over lesbians*
Brittany and Santana ended up having the greatest reign as a couple the show could offer. They started off as bitchy cheerleaders that snickered in the background together and soon became best friends. During this friendship of theirs they moved on to having feelings for one another and, pretty soon, became girlfriends. After their ups and downs as a couple the two finally put a ring on it and were pronounced as wife and wife! This does sound like a generic love story but it wasn’t. There was so much more that took place during their love beyond cheating and lost love, something that many other teen television couples seem to be based around. Brittany was Santana’s first love and this made the Latina struggle a lot with her own battles. Together they spread a message of love that any other homosexual couple on the show failed to do. They went through every battle together and stayed strong throughout it. Sure, they messed up along the way but it was never to the point of scarring the other individual. The two never cheated on each other, nor did they humiliate one another for their own selfish and petty gain. Brittany and Santana started off as two bitchy cheerleaders and grew into a loving and mature couple that always fought for what they believed in, together. And that is exactly why they are at the top of this list and there was no hesitation in doing so.
—  The TV Journals