Putting together a team to help him implement his experiment was easy, but it turned out, finding the test subjects, too? Not so much. That was when he had an idea. Two known colleges within a reasonably nearby distance would be getting their new batch of freshmen soon, and Thomas knew they would all most likely be broke, like most college students are, and willing to do anything to make a quick buck. So, he extended the offer to be a part of his experiment, which promised a hefty payout to all subjects. Naturally, the acceptances came rolling in.


Even though Glee was an incredibly flawed show it managed to break many barriers and traditional conventions on television. The show brought awareness to many issues surrounding many minority communities and humanised characters that would have been typically portrayed as caricatures. Though their portrayals weren’t often perfect, barley any shows reach this level of representation. Credit where credit is due. (insp)