brittany makes things


Derrick & Cody: *Shady as hell behind her back because she looks at them the wrong way*Brittany’s so hot and cold with us.” *Imply shes an attention whore* "Shes just bitter because we don’t give her our undivided attention.*Brittany jokes around/banters with Cody* "Shes being such a bitch.” *Puts her on the block* Shes ugly without makeup.” *Slut-shames her for having a baby at 17* "Flapjack titties.*smiles in her face*

Zach:I’ll be honest with you, I don’t want to vote out Brittany*Gets put on the block for defending her*Don’t be a quitter Britt, you’ve got to fight to stay.“ *Gives her a pep talk while everyone else is avoiding her* Don’t give up, campaign! You’ve gotta lie, cheat, steal, do anything to win.” *Tries to save her again by suggesting they backdoor Caleb this week, idea gets shut down by his alliance members*
*Cheers her on while shes kicking goals even though he knows shes been throwing him under the bus by telling everyone that he doesn’t deserve to be here* “Come on Britt, you can do it. Aim for my face.*Brittany’s taking a break at 3am after kicking 1000 goals for 5 hours “Britt, are you hungry? I made you pizza.”

Derrick/Cody: “Dude, Zach’s such an asshole to Brittany.”