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Hello!!! I'm brittany and I am a 28 year old trying to stay healthy and get to a good weight. I've restarted my journey about 100 times but I'll never give up. I love new friends and talking to people so if anyone wants to say hi my inbox is always open 😊

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[2/9] Outfits - Chloe’s finale outfit


After they get in the car Winona kisses Brittany on her lips in front of our photogs and lights a cigarette. Are they acting this one out? We don’t know yet but it sure looks like they are enjoying each other’s company. Also Winona’s belt buckle reads ‘Murphy’. (April 20, 2002). source: gettyimages.

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I'm a history major and I love British history. But I am half French (my moms from France) and I barely know anything about French history and I don't know where to start. I love kick ass women and cultural history a lot especially from the 1400-1600s. Are there any people you recommend I start with or books I could read?

hi! unfortunately there’s a real lack of translation when it comes to french history books, and not much written outside of the country. At the very least i can recommand:

  • Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance, A. Larsen, D. Robin, C. Levin (certainly the best to start with!)
  • Queens and Mistresses of Renaissance France, K. Wellman
  • Catherine de Medici, L. Frieda 
  • A History of Sixteenth-Century France, 1483-1598, J. Garrisson
  • Martyrs and Murderers, the Guise Family and the making of Europe, S. Carroll (a bit more focused than the others, but you can read there about Antoinette de Bourbon, though i recommand it only when you will have the beginning of a strong basis)
  • Twice Queen of France: Anne of Brittany, M. Allen Butler
  • The Monstrous Regiment, Female Rulers in Early Modern Europe, S. L. Jansen (it looks promising but i haven’t read it myself yet!) 

RJ Knecht isn’t really on point when it comes to women so, i can recommand him for many subjects but meh, not this one. 

As for the people, here are just the ones that come to my mind :