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After they get in the car Winona kisses Brittany on her lips in front of our photogs and lights a cigarette. Are they acting this one out? We don’t know yet but it sure looks like they are enjoying each other’s company. Also Winona’s belt buckle reads ‘Murphy’. (April 20, 2002). source: gettyimages.

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I'm a history major and I love British history. But I am half French (my moms from France) and I barely know anything about French history and I don't know where to start. I love kick ass women and cultural history a lot especially from the 1400-1600s. Are there any people you recommend I start with or books I could read?

hi! unfortunately there’s a real lack of translation when it comes to french history books, and not much written outside of the country. At the very least i can recommand:

  • Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance, A. Larsen, D. Robin, C. Levin (certainly the best to start with!)
  • Queens and Mistresses of Renaissance France, K. Wellman
  • Catherine de Medici, L. Frieda 
  • A History of Sixteenth-Century France, 1483-1598, J. Garrisson
  • Martyrs and Murderers, the Guise Family and the making of Europe, S. Carroll (a bit more focused than the others, but you can read there about Antoinette de Bourbon, though i recommand it only when you will have the beginning of a strong basis)
  • Twice Queen of France: Anne of Brittany, M. Allen Butler
  • The Monstrous Regiment, Female Rulers in Early Modern Europe, S. L. Jansen (it looks promising but i haven’t read it myself yet!) 

RJ Knecht isn’t really on point when it comes to women so, i can recommand him for many subjects but meh, not this one. 

As for the people, here are just the ones that come to my mind : 


SHINee 5- Demigods

A/N This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians AU, I got a request but accidentally deleted it so I’m sorry anon! But here you go!

A new group of Demigods sent on a quest to defeat the new terror threatening the world. Death itself. Can the five boys save the world? Will their contrasting personalities stop them fromdefeating death? Will they overcome diversity and jealousy? Probably, everyone can only hope for the best at this point.

Lee Jinki- Son of Athena

  • The boy with a plan
  • Has been at camp since he was 13
  • He was the ideal Athena kid;  well rounded, thoughtful, brave, a leader
  • He was the head of the cabin
  • He loved capture the flag and leading the team sometimes.
  • Chosen to lead becuase the quest called for it
  • Didn’t want to
  • But he was a senior camper so basically he had to.
  • Good with a sword but prefers calling the shots and watching to help plan the next move.
  • Really helpful on the quest
  • Made sure everyone packed the important stuff.
  • “No, Taemin, that is too much clothing….”
  • Has always been close with Taemin and Jonghyun
  • Doesn’t think Minho likes him?
  • Died for a bit on the quest and the others had to like, save him
  • Death was like: Bish you’re mine
  • He didn’t enjoy being a ghost
  • Once he was saved, he got really serious about the threat and decided that they needed to end it sooner rather than later.
  • Led his quest members to victory, destroying death despite his constant bickering with Minho and his annoyance with Kibum.
  • When his mom asked if he wanted anything in return he asked for a hug
  • This cute bean just wanted his mom’s love and acceptance
  • She told him that she was proud
  • He almost passed out
  • After they got back, he claims to be able to see dead people now.
  • “It must just a side effect of being dead for two days”

Kim Jonghyun- Son of Apollo

  • Best singer at camp
  • He got it trademarked.
  • Lives in the amphitheater
  • Always seen singing, playing music, or shooting archery
  • Led camp singalongs.
  • Been at camp since he was 12
  • Weary about questing
  • becuase the prophecy sounded like it wanted a hunter of Artemis to go on the quest
  • But the camp couldn’t get in contact with the hunters 
  • They tried for like, 3 days but they were going to run out of time.
  • Decided to send him instead becuase he had the Apollo genes, he could heal people, and he was the one volunteered by his siblings.
  • Pissed
  • Went on the quest anyways becuase His boyfriend and his bestfriend were going
  • At least he could try make sure they were okay then, right?
  • Became the leader when Jinki went MIA
  • Bartered with the gatekeeper of Hades to get Jinki back.
  • He traded his voice so he could go get Jinki
  • Big sacrifice especially for someone who sang all the time.
  • But they needed Jinki to lead them to save the world.
  • Now he understands who the oracle talked about when she said the voiceless one
  • It was a struggle to communicate in battle without a voice
  • He did get his voice gifted back to him by his father after they saved everyone.
  • He cried
  • “Thanks pops”

Kim Kibum- Son of Hermes

  • The master to all trades
  • Nicknamed ‘Key’ becuase he could pick any lock or break into anything
  • Most people are surprised he isn’t an Aphrodite kid, but like, His mom is basically a human embodiment of her anyways
  • Miltiligual, and he has a knack for knowing exactly where he is and where he needs to be heading at any time
  • Been at camp since he was 14
  • Proud of who his father is, despite having so many siblings.
  • “I’m not an extra kid, I’m his favorite”
  • Fights with Minho about it all the time
  • Sends Jonghyun after him.
  • Bc Jonghyun can be a scary guy when it comes to his boyfriend getting hurt
  • Exctied to go on a quest
  • Time to prove he is the best Hermes kid 
  • Volunteered himself to be a navigator
  • Cried a lot becuase of Jinki and also becuase of Jonghyun’s voice.
  • “I could’ve traded my gucci instead”
  • He was in charge of getting them shelter after a rouge monster set their tents and other supplies on fire.
  • Lowkey stole them all new clothes
  • Said he bought them
  • Really helpful in battle too
  • Like he just zips around with his two swords having the other’s backs and stuff
  • Good team player.
  • Snapchated Hermes sayings that he was his favorite child and sent it to all of his siblings.

Choi Minho- Son of Ares

  • Basically the most intimidating guy at camp.
  • If looks could kill
  • Stereotyped as a player, but he has only ever dated one guy? (Taemin)
  • To be fair he thought Tae was a chick for his first month at camp
  • Really good with most weapons
  • But extremely lethal with a spear
  • Named his spear Brittany (T:Why? M: Like Brittany Spears?)
  • Leads a lot of training and fighting classes to younger campers
  • Has been there since he was 12.
  • He was HYPED to hear there would be a quest and that they were in need of a child of war
  • “Where do I sign up?”
  • Threatened to fight any of his siblings for the spot, but it was his right as the cabin head.
  • He got mad when they chose Taemin for the quest.
  • Scared for him
  • Also kinda glad that Taemin was going though?
  • Bc he doesn’t think the rest like  him too much. Like Jinki needs to mellow out about Athena being superior to Ares, Key is annoying, and Jonghyun is dating Key so they can’t be friends by default.
  • Got V upset and jealous that Taemin and Jinki were getting close though the quest
  • But he also started to warm up with Jjong and Key too.
  • Saved everyone at least once on the battlefield. 
  • He knows what he is doing man.
  • Don’t question his fighting.
  • Cried when Taemin got hurt near the end of the battle.
  • Wont admit he did though.
  • Once everything was okay again, he asked his dad for new specially made sheild replica of his
  • Showed off once they got back to camp.

Lee Taemin- Son of Aphrodite

  • Not your typical Aphrodite kid?
  • Like he loves the whold lets look really cute and dress up and stuff.
  • He changes his hair color around a lot
  • And he loves clothes and earrings are his favorite
  • But he also isn’t afraid to fight and be a proper demigod.
  • Gets really pissed becuase his nickname is Pretty Boy around camp.
  • When he first got to camp as an 11 year old, his older siblings would dress him up as a girl, and that lasted for like 2 years
  • He fell for Minho hard as soon as he got to camp (even if Minho thought he was a chick)
  • Really good at archery too and he helps Jjong teach a few classes
  • He also has scary good charmspeak abilities so he gets whatever he wants if he uses it
  • But he doesn’t use it unless he really needs to.
  • He didn’t want to go on the quest
  • But they needed a ‘Son of Love’ for it
  • Lucky Lucky, they chose Taemin becuase they know he isn’t afraid to fight
  • He was used a lot on the quest to get them places and to trick whoever got in their way.
  • He was doing great.
  • He got along with everyone in the quest. He had his boyfriend, someone to gossip with, someone to sing with, and his new found friend Jinki.
  • They had beaten every obstacle  apart from the battle itself
  • He is really bad at close combat
  • And the only weapon they had left for him was a dagger
  • He tried to charmspeak the monsters and get them to kill themselves
  • But then one got him from behind.
  • After the battle, he had a close call to death and almost died 
  • Jonghyun saved him
  • He was really scared for a while becuase of the whole almost dying thing
  • When they got to olympus, his mom fawned over him
  • “You’re like a doll! My beautiful Son!”
  • She granted him a wish
  • He asked for a happy future with Minho for as long as they are alive.
  • He kept that a secret from Minho though.

A/N- I LOVE PERCY JACKSON OKAY? It was my life all of middle school and part of highschool. I hope I did botht the books, Rick Riordan, and SHINee justice in this!!