brittany griffith

The Rolling of the Orb. Sarah Zucker for The Current Sea, 2016.

Made by combining an original GIF from @thecurrentseala‘s YOU ARE THE CRYSTAL (APERTURE OF TIME) with a Matisse painting using a neural network.


Jonathan Thesenga, Brittany Griffith, and Kate Rutherford free climbing Diez Libras de Tequila (10 Pounds of Tequila 5.12c, 330 m, 15 pitches) in Acopan Tepui, Venezuela - Part 3

Massive ferns, thorny bushes and a perilous maze of boulders greeted us on top [of] the wild summit plateau. We could’ve spent days hiking around the vast summit, however, with storm clouds forming out over the savannah, we begrudgingly said goodbye and began the rappels…  Back at basecamp that night, we celebrated with the last of our tequila (we had brought 10 pounds of it from the States)… Our thoughts drifted back to the climb—1100 feet, eight days of climbing—and we decided to dub the route 10 Pounds Of Tequila.

photo: Mikey Schaefer