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I was just thinking and… This hug has to have some meaning behind it, right? I mean, look at Chloe’s face at first… she’s like “oh my god you bitch”. Also Beca’s face… she’s like “hehe yep, I did it”. I need the whole context of this situation (yeah, it’s been 2 year but I’m still not over it). #in my mind, Beca returns Chloe the slaps in her butt.

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Can we go back to the iconic Miss Brittany Martinez please?

Cody literally evicted her because she wouldn’t bend over backwards to respond to his flirtatious demeanor and it shattered this trend that’s probably been going on all over his life (and his brother’s by the look of things) of women being nothing but shiny mirrors that reflect how wonderful they are.

Strong women are wilful and have a mind of their own, and that is a notion that disrupts the Calafiore utopia.


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