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Never forget.


Grandmas be like… W/ Alx James

[Grandma: You hungry?
Person 2: No.
Grandma: (coughing, choking noises)
Person 2: Oh go- Ye- I’m hungry!
Grandma: Ooh, I feel so much better!]


what you really wanted to do to your high school librarian


Omg “Do you believe in love at first sight?"Follow the for more hilarious dating cliches. PlentyOfFish #themandyproject

[Brittany: Excuse me, sir, do you believe in love at first sight?
Person 2: I hope not. I’ve been blind for the last 40 years (laughs).]

3. Heard It Through the Vine

Before we get started, I owe Tyra an apology. Weeks ago, I teased Tyra for being a men’s right activist since her knowledge of the wage gap seemed to extend no further than that male models make a lot less than female models. In this episode, Tyra talks about how women earn less money in other fields. Clearly, she has a better understanding of unequal pay than I realized. So, Tyra, let me say it in ASL:

I’m sorry.

Beyond that, though, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on whether Vine videos are a good medium for addressing the wage gap.

For the challenge, the models arrive at a high school where girls, most of whom are far too young to attend high school, are sitting in a science lab. Miss J briefly acts like a mad scientist before asking the models if they know what STEM stands for.

Smize Those Eyes, Models. Sexy Tyra Entices Most. Nope - it’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Math - and it’s the models’ job to convince these young girls to pursue these fields since they tend to command RESPECT, POWER, and MONEY. Before the models can do the challenge, though, Miss J gives them on-the-spot wardrobe makeovers so that they’ll look “smarter.” Indeed, none of them are smart enough to recognize that Miss J is basically insulting them.  

To communicate their message, the models will record six-second Vine videos. “Vine Star” (which is to say, not actually famous) Brittany Furlan is on hand to give them advice. Full disclosure: I don’t follow the world of Vine… because it’s shitty. And, yes, I watch ANTM, so that just goes to show HOW shitty Vine is. As far as internet humor goes, Vines are like a kid’s first joke book - none of it is actually funny, but it’s cute that they keep trying.

I’ve never heard of Brittany Furlan before, and with any luck, I’ll never hear of her again. I checked out her page to see if there was something impressive about her and minutes later (hey, that’s a lot of six-second Vines!) I can confidently conclude: NOPE.

I’m with Nyle on this one. Granted, he seems to think his lack of understanding is due to his deafness, but hearing the videos doesn’t improve comprehension. Nyle thinks a good Vine can be achieved without any words at all:

That or he’s found a politer way than I could have thought of to express that Brittany should just shut up.

All of the models do well enough at the challenge, aside from the doomed trio of Courtney, Bello, and Devin. Bello accidentally deletes his group’s Vine two minutes before the challenge is over, but he still blames the team’s failure on Courtney for being a poor actor. Sounds like someone’s jealous he didn’t get to the play the role of powerful woman in the Vine! The fact that Bello can royally screw up the challenge and still defer responsibility speaks to his lousy character.

Finally, the young girls watch and score the models’ videos. I imagine the girls have learned an important lesson about staying in school and pursuing a STEM career, but that’s no thanks to the Vine videos. No, I think that lesson was best conveyed to the girls indirectly after spending the afternoon with a bunch of vapid, wannabe models that will never be successful in the fashion industry. It’s a cautionary tale against abandoning intellectual dreams and humiliating yourself on reality television. Thanks for being so inspirational, models!

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 8

Internet Star Brittany Furlan Steals Vine, Adds Racism

29-year-old Vine star Brittany Furlan has recently come under fire for a recent video titled “Uber drivers be like…”, released days ago. In it, Furlan dons a stereotypical accent and garb to portray her Uber driving character. Since then, she’s been accused of ‘racism’ by a number of her fans.

Today it’s been revealed that Furlan’s controversial video isn’t even original, but a carbon copy of a popular Vine released earlier this year by comedy duo Jayme Karales and Kenney Dorcely. 

Their video, also titled “Uber Drivers Be Like…” has the same premise, editing style, and remarkably similar jokes to Furlan’s video. The difference? Theirs was released 4 months ago…

This is not the first time Furlan has been accused of stealing vines. 

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Every time I go shopping… W/ Jackie Rose Style

[Brittany: Oh my god, this is my favourite dress I’ve ever tried on in my whole life, how much is it?
Jackie: It’s 600 dollars.
Brittany: I fucking hate this dress, take it off.]


It’s late

[Person 1: Isn’t it weird that doing vines like this-
Person 2: -makes us seems like two different people?
Person 1: I was just gonna say that.
Person 2: I know, I’m you.
Person 1: Oh yeah!]


When you wake up before your alarm… #imugly

[Brittany: (sleepily) Still got another hour.
-loud alarm as soon as she touches the pillow-]