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Can we talk about this scene for a second?

I don’t think there’s a single scene in the entire show that shows how much Santana Lopez loves Brittany S. Pierce more than this scene right here.

Santana is entirely alone in this voting booth. She’s not with Brittany, or anyone from glee club. There’s not an eye on her in this moment. But still, Santana checks off Brittany’s name on the ballot with a heart, and she kisses it. It’s not to show Brittany her love, it’s not to prove anything to the glee kids, it’s simply because Santana is so in love she can’t help it. She can’t help but express how proud she is and how much she loves Brittany even though no one’s there to see it.

Baby girl is a dork in love.


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→ 14. favorite brittana kiss
This. Kiss. Can I just say that Heather Morris looks like the world’s greatest kisser? My god! Anyways, not only is this kiss filled with sexual tension but simply an epiphany. I think Brittany realized that her life means nothing if she doesn’t get to share it with Santana. Even though her math skills could take her very far and she still has huge opportunities at MIT, none of that matters without Santana. Santana was the one that believed in her from the beginning and helped her believe in herself. Santana tells Brittany that she should be out having a life and dating and that’s when it clicks in Brittany’s head that she doesn’t want anyone else. She wants Santana. 

One of my favorite parts of the kiss is that even though Santana is dating someone, she allows Brittany to kiss her. She makes no attempt to stop her. She lets it happen. It’s only after Brittany tries to deepen the kiss that she pulls away but that had nothing to do with Dani and everything to do with fear. She doesn’t want to just jump right in with Brittany again and everything get messed up like last time. She still loves Brittany and wants to be with her but there’s so many things that need to be figured out before they could proceed. Not to mention, Brittany literally takes her breathe away leaving her head in a fog of love and fear. I also want to mention that it’s actually Santana who connects their lips first. Even though Brittany was the one leaning in to kiss her, if you look closely, it’s Santana that closes the gap. There was no hesitation in this kiss. It was natural. It was like the stars aligned once again and they were back where they belong. 

Tom Welling, Hayden Christensen and Henry Cavill are ruining my life

Like JFC-LET ME LIVE! (Side note:I’m fully aware that I’m being over dramatic) It is so not fair for these three to be that pretty😩

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  • When Santana and Brittany start living together, their house is a mess because neither of them can cook or clean or, you know, adult.
  • Their first and the most frequent domestic argument is about who was supposed to feed Lord Tubbington and who forgot to. Santana tells Brittany it’s her cat, so she has to feed him. Brittany tells Lord is a big boy and should cook for himself if he wants to eat.
  • Brittany brings lots of flowers in their house every day, mostly daisies. Santana thinks Brittany could be a wild daisy herself. They have three cactuses and two succulents on their sill.
  • Santana doesn’t like people coming to their flat much, but Brittany is extra excited to live with her and wants to invite everyone she knows, so they have home parties every two weeks.
  • Rachel and Quinn visit them a lot and always bring them food. Santana jokes with Brittany that a couple of years later they will be the ones coming to those totally-not-girlfriends’ house. They actually will.
  • Their flat’s design was made by Brittany, so it’s too colorful and rainbow for their own good. Santana secretly loves it.
  • Brittany wears her ring on her neck on a chain because in the first year of their marriage she lost it twice. 
  • Santana masters her cooking skills and eventually she’s the best at pancakes and risotto. 
  • Santana braids Brittany’s hair every evening while Brittany reads to her out loud and Lord Tubbington sleeps at their feet. 
  • They spend their first anniversary in Disneyland. 
  • Brittany wears Santana’s t-shirts at night and they look adorable on her as they are always a little short. 
  • They keep more tea in their cupboards than food in the fridge. Brittany loves all herbal, Santana cringes at it but drinks with her anyway. 
  • One of the walls in their bedroom is all filled with their pictures through the  years. The other one is filled with Tubbington’s photos.
  • Brittany writes little reminders for herself and sticks them everywhere. Santana thinks it’s cute, Quinn thinks it’s ridiculous to write, “Wear shoes” and stick it to the door. 
  • Brittany is a maths professor at uni and Santana sometimes get jealous because of how many love notes she gets from her students. 
  • They spend a week in July in Ohio with their parents every year.  
  • Santana uses pencils Brittany always forgets on the table to tie up her hair.
  • They are the most adorable and amazing and gay wives.

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Best performer ever? Wtf ever heard of Queen? Michael Jackson? Aretha Franklin? Hell, even Brittany spears probably tops her

and in case you need a reminder…

This performance was unanimously chosen as the best Queen’s performance but it was arguably more for vocals. Freddie has incredible vocals, but this was about performances.

Legend herself, Aretha Franklin, complimented Beyoncé and even said that they have a MUTUAL ADMIRATION FOR EACH OTHER. And here’s some of her best vocal performances throughout the years. Hell, even look at the Kennedy Center Honors performance. I think you’re mixing up VOCALS with PERFORMER.

I literally shouldn’t even have to address “Brittany Spears” because your dumb ass can’t even spell her name right, but I will. Bey’s worst performance of the decade, which is probably Drunk In Love at the Grammys 2015 is still SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER than EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE BRITNEY SPEARS HAD THIS DECADE.

Michael Jackson is genuinely the only person on this list who can rival Beyoncé; however, Michael Jackson CONSTANTLY spoke well about Beyoncé and her work ethic, her performance skills, said she made him nervous while she presented him with an award at World Music Awards, and Michael even gushed about him having a MAJOR crush on her. 

Beyoncé even spoke well about Michael Jackson, again on the Tyra Banks talking about him having a tremendous impact on her, dedicated an entire performance to Michael + breaking down because she loved him. At this point in her career, she’s still able to make the audience grow by over 12 million, pulling a total of 26.05 millions… which outpeaked the last two Grammy awards show in the past years for ONE. PERFORMANCE.

Performance wise, vocal wise, dancing wise –> Beyoncé BODIES all these artists nowadays. The funniest thing is… you had to reach for legends, with the exception of “Brittany Spears”, to try and compare them to Beyoncé.

fandom: awwww, brittana’s so cute because santana’s such a badass and brittany’s so sweet to everyone!
santana: actual ray of sunshine, genuinely loves and cares for everyone to ever even step foot in the choir room for more than five seconds.
brittany: literal sassmaster, shades the fuck out of everyone, is probably secretly plotting to kill everyone but the troubletones and her cats.