brittany brutal

If I could remember one thing forever,
It would be the way you spoke to me.
How genuine your words were,
When you said you just me to be happy.

If I could only have one sight,
It would be the purity in your eyes.
I don’t know about Jesus Christ,
But you’ve saved me a thousand times.

If I could hear one thing for the rest of my life,
It would be the way you told me goodnight;
Or maybe your laughter
After one of my obnoxious lines.

I can’t shake this feeling of your hand in mine;
Squeezing that you’re still here,
But we’re running out of time.
I could never pray to God
Unless you were by my side.
The reason I always said see you later
Was because I could never say goodbye.

This feeling cuts deeper than any knife
But I’ll take it, but I’ll take it,
If you promise to stay in my mind.

I watched you fade,
And it’s a pain I’ll never be able to take away.

You can’t be gone…..
You can’t be gone…
You can’t be gone.

—  “Louisa” - Thebxb

Save Our Kids (2/24/15): Brittany Overstreet had her first court date yesterday, and we turned up and turned out in protest against the charge brought against her (resisting arrest without violence). They’re currently trying to force her to plead out by threatening to bring an additional charge if she goes to trial. Don’t let their threats go unnoticed. You’ve already made such a difference in this girl’s life by sharing her story. We will get justice for Brittany! #staywoke #farfromover


Had to post this to educate women everywhere. What I said is true and I do this for a living. I didn’t lie I’ve been attacked by 3 men in my life. Once when I was in middle school, two while I was in high school. I know what I’m talking about, please be smart and take precautions when you are out.. ESPECIALLY when you are alone. Walk in busy, bright lighted areas. DO NOT CARRY A WEAPON UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!!!! If your attacker gets your weapon away from you.. You are in very serious trouble.

Any self defense questions please PLEASE feel free to message me at any time. Thanks

Women Who Kill

Brittany Johnson

On the 24th of June 2008 in South Carolina, 17 year old Brittany Johnson brutally shot dead Monica Burroughs, a young mother, in front of her home.

The motive was love rivalry. Monica had been dating Frederick Pyatt for four years, Pyatt also started to date Brittany but when he refused to give up Monica arguments began.

In 2011, Brittany Johnson was sentenced to 30 years


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