brittanny s. pierce

The News || Brittany & Quinn

Quinn spend the morning until now trying to find something cool to forget the last night. But, unfortunately the only thing she can remember is Rachel’s lips, and she needs to forget this. She was trying to draw something new, maybe a dress, maybe some new shoes or even, maybe a new t-shirt, when her computer show her something new. Well, not new because she knows the girl since ever, but for now… It’s new. Brittany is back to Lima! Her Brittany finally is here, and she can talk with someone about what she is feeling right now. Probably Britt don’t will understand nothing but… She needs to try.

Quinn was talking with one of her maids when she bell rings. “It’s for me, Alice. It’s Brittany!” She said smiling and almost running to open the door.

When she opened and she saw the blonde girl infront of her, she just grabbed her and hugged her tight. “I missed you so much!” She said smiling. “And I have something to ask you… I guess I need your help!”