Quinn: We are besties for life!

Santana: When I said that I wasn’t including Rachel.

Quinn: Oh shut up Santana.

Brittany: Faberrittana!

Quinn: What are you talking about?

Rachel: It’s all of our names together. I like it.

Santana: Whatever you say Britt.

Quinn: Faberrittana then. I like it too.

Santana: You only like it because Rachel likes it……ooo wanky.


Kitty!Quinn walks in on Kitty!Brittana

Quinn: That’s definitely a baby duck.

Santana: Please Quinn. Brittany Pierce Animal Lover is my girlfriend, it’s a baby chicken.

Brittany: Actually you’re both wrong, it’s a yellow warbler.

Rachel: Ughh stop discussing animals, I just want to be closer to Quinn!

Santana: This is really starting to strain my puppy parts.

Brittany: That’s what you said last night.

Quinn: Ew why do I have to be right next to you two?!

Rachel: But Quinn we do the sa-

Quinn: Just get me down from here! I don’t want to discuss this!

Brittany: Why couldn’t the elephants go swimming together?

Santana: Because we are usually naked?

Brittany: No, because they only had one pair of trunks!

Santana: What is the biggest ant in the world?

Brittany: An elephANT! I’ve heard that one.

Santana: ok ok….Why did the elephants get kicked out of the pool? Because their trunks kept on falling down. 

Brittany: You basically copied mine, you aren’t very good at this game San.

Brittany: Why don’t elephants like playing cards in the jungle?

Santana: I don’t know, because that’s their hood?

Brittany: No, because of all the CHEETAHS!

Santana: You have a corny jokes problem.

Brittany: Like spy birds?

Santana: No, that’s your dream, sweetheart. I dream a lot about school. And swimming pools. 

Brittany: Get out of town! I dream about swimming pools all the time, too.

Santana: Must be ‘cause we’re soulmates.

Brittany: I really do believe that we are, you and me. I don’t know if it’s real for other people, but for you and me, it is.

Santana: I know. I’m glad it’s you.

Brittany: Me too.

Santana: Don’t be scared, Britty. “I love you.”        x