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The beautiful dancers in Beyoncé’s Grammy performance:

Jasmine Badie | Fulani Bahati | Dnay Baptiste | Tasha Bryant | Winnie Chang | Aahkilah Cornelius | Hannah Douglass | Ashley Everett

Hajiba Fahmy | Amandy Fernandez | Kim Gingras | Kimmie Gipson | Jasmine Harper | Sisley Loubet | Saidah Nairobi | Brittany Parks

Taja Riley | Deijah Robinson | Rebbi Rosie | Ashley Seldon | Ebony Williams | Tajana Williams | Quinny Wilmington | Khadijah Wilson

If you’re a germaphobe, make sure you’re sitting down.

Back in 1999, a woman in California cleaned up rodent droppings in her home. Two weeks later, her liver started failing. Then she started to bleed internally — a hemorrhagic fever that would kill her. Eventually doctors found a new virus in her body, which very likely came from a rat.

Over in the Midwest, the problem has been new tick-borne diseases, some deadly. And in New England, doctors are dealing with a disease that causes Lyme-like symptoms but is caused by a different bacteria.

The pattern continues across the country and across the world. A spike in new infectious diseases is the new normal.

MAP: Find Out What New Viruses Are Emerging In Your Backyard

Source: NPR analysis of EcoHealth Alliance data
Credit: Michaeleen Doucleff, Brittany Mayes and Katie Park/NPR


Everything Before Us (2015), dir. Wesley Chan & Philip Wang

You’re trying to make love easier but you’re missing the whole point. It’s not supposed to be. It’s supposed to test you, break you down, and hurt like hell. And who you chose to go through that with, that’s what’s really important.❞


“Here’s the truth: friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories, but they are often discussed as if they are ancillary, “bonus” relationships to the truly important ones. Women’s friendships outlast jobs, parents, husbands, boyfriends, lovers, and sometimes children.