10: You Make Me Happy

“Britt?” Santana’s voice rang through her apartment from where she stood rummaging through her jewelry box, digging for a pair of diamond earrings that her Abuela had left her. She could still remember the day they were give to her. She’d insisted on wearing them all day and cried when her mother told her to take them off. “I can’t find my goddamn earri–” she cut herself off, huffing in relief as she lifted them out of the box. They looked as sparkly and new as ever, and when she slipped them into her ears she felt as if she was that 8 year old kid all over again. It was both nostalgic and terrifying.

A lot had changed over the past few months. For one she’d finally gotten her head out of her ass and asked Brittany to be her girlfriend. A question which rewarded her with the brightest smile she’d ever seen and about one thousand kisses. Second, she’d toned down a bit. Sure she still wore her leather jacket and rode her motorbike at the most ridiculous speed, but she’d promised her girlfriend to cut down on the drugs and not to drink herself to the point of passing out anymore. A promise which she was dutifully doing her best to keep. Thirdly, she’d actually agreed to officially meet Brittany’s parents. This weekend marked their 3 month anniversary of being together, and though she was feeling pretty nauseous, she was actually also super excited. She knew that the girl’s parents meant a lot to her, and she wanted to keep Brittany happy.

Taking one last look in the mirror, she pursed her lips, turning this way and that before she finally approved of her outfit; a tight, figure hugging dress. It was far from what she usually wore, but she wanted to impress. She slipped a pair of stilettos on before wandering to the living space of her flat, striking a playful pose against the door frame. “Like what you see?” she addressed her girlfriend teasingly.



Based On: diana ladris

Age: 17

Birthday: player determined

Sexuality: player determined (lgbtq+)

Power Level: 1 (power reading)

Occupation: sebastian’s right-hand woman

Sweet Santana Lopez, daughter of Maribel Lopez and a horrible father who wronged her family. The kids in her neighborhood were frightened of the raven-haired beauty because she had the ability to wrap girls and boys around her finger in a matter of seconds and then break their hearts. One day Santana came home from school and saw her father with another woman. The Lopez family was supposed to be perfect, why would her father attempt to sever their bond? Her opportunity came for revenge not long afterwards. Her mother fell down the stairs and broke her neck. When the police questioned her, Santana told them that her father pushed her mother down the stairs. The next day he was arrested. Through his interrogation they learned that Santana had lied to the police and let him go, but advised him to send Santana to Coates Academy. At Coates, Santana made a few friends. Brittany Pierce was always nice to her for some reason and Dani Harper was fun to toy with, but her real friend was Sebastian Smythe. Santana saw how broken he was and offered her kindness. He confided with her and she learned of his powers. Soon more people at Coates appeared to have powers and Santana developed some of her own, the ability to tell how powerful someone was.

When all of the adults disappeared, Santana was right there when Sebastian crowned himself King of Coates Academy. He ordered Dave to lock up all of the kids with powers, but Santana felt bad. She knew that if she gave the freaks a reason to hate Sebastian, they would eventually rebel and kill them. That’s why behind his back, she released Dani and Brittany, but she warned them that they owed her favors. Sebastian was furious when he found out they escaped but he decided to let them go, suspecting that they got out themselves. Now that she and Coates Academy is at Perdido Beach, she’s determined to find Dani and Brittany and have them fulfill their end of the bargain, but also find out more about the people with powers in Perdido Beach.

S E B A S T I A N  S M Y T H E - Santana likes to say that she can’t stand Sebastian, but really she feels bad for only friend. He’s been loyal to her and treated her right most of the time, which is more than what she can say about most people. But Sebastian has a tendency to lash out at her and that’s kept her at distance even if he constantly apologizes and tells her she’s his favorite person.

Q U I N N  F A B R A Y - Santana disliked Quinn at first. The whole smartass prudish vibe that she gave off really annoyed her. The more time she spent around her the more she realized that Quinn was actually a good person. She can’t really explain why she’s pleased every time she sees Quinn but she’s determined to find out what she’s feeling, and if she can piss Sam Evans off.

B R I T T A N Y  P I E R C E - Santana noticed two things about Brittany. One, she was way too oblivious of Dani’s feelings for her and two, that she had spirit that she admired. Maybe that was the reason why she chose to free Brittany and Dani. Regardless her quest to find Brittany is turning less into a payback mission and more of a ‘I want to be friends with you’ quest. Someone like Brittany would be a bad person to let go of.


If There’s A Future | Brittana

It was safe to say that Santana was a mess. Everyone knew it. Quinn had picked up on it the moment she’d gotten home after prom and had spent a long time gruelling her about why she was upset, bombarding her with a multitude of questions which she refused to answer. She wanted, and needed to be left alone. The only person who could pull her out of her funk was unable to stand the sight of her, and the mere thought of how Brittany was feeling made her stick to her stomach. 

She was surprised to note that Dani seemed to be either completely unaware of her turmoil, or knew that she was upset but didn’t comment. She couldn’t care less either way. She didn’t want to see Dani, and she made countless excuses to get out of having to spend time with her. Excuses and lies which rolled off her tongue unnaturally easily. She figured that it was fitting, that maybe naming her after the devil was the perfect move on her mother’s part. After all, she was a horrible, twisted coward who didn’t deserve to even look at Brittany. She loathed herself for hurting her like that.

If anything, Santana was relentless. Countless calls and texts went unanswered, notes were slipped into Brittany’s locker and she skulked around school, hoping to catch a glimpse of the blonde in school. She wasn’t sure if seeing her helped or not. The day she was told that Brittany had transferred out of her class, she’d broken down. Cancelling the lesson for that day and citing that she wasn’t feeling very well. Of course, it wasn’t a surprise. She’d figured that Brittany wouldn’t be up to coming back into a lesson with her anytime soon. But it was still heartbreaking to know that things between them seemed hopeless.

67 texts and 32 calls went unanswered in the first week. Some days she sent twenty in a row. Some days she sent none. Eventually, she stopped, knowing that she wasn’t going to get anywhere with bombarding Brittany with messages. If anything, it was probably just irritating her further. She was despondent, knowing that nothing was going to get Brittany back, though she had the tiniest slither of hope that by chance, they’d run into each other and Brittany would be willing to hear her out. That Brittany would be ready to give her a second chance.

She wasn’t sure how she’d ended up outside Brittany’s house, lips stained with the taste of Jack and Coke, drunken tears running down her cheeks and a copy of the student’s personal details in her hand. The other hand nervously clutching a paper flower she’d folded up as she sat outside the driveway, psyching herself up. It was late, dark enough that no one would see her hanging around her student’s house, but Santana didn’t care about that now. She just wanted to talk to Brittany. And she’d do whatever it took, risks be damned, to be able to have a face to face conversation with her. Perhaps it was unfair, perhaps she shouldn’t be accosting Brittany in the night. But she couldn’t stay away any longer. She needed to fight for her.

Sharp eyes surveyed the windows, making out shapes through the dull light as Santana tried to decipher which one would be Brittany’s. She vaguely remembered Brittany mentioning the tree that was outside her window, and she hoped that she’d managed to get the right one. She considered climbing said tree, but ultimately decided against it. The combination of alcohol and her tears making it hard for her to stay balanced. Kneeling down, she scooped up a handful of gravel, aiming haphazardly at the window. Miraculously, a few stones hit the window, bouncing off with a soft noise, and she repeated the movement a second tie, hoping that Brittany would answer her. “Britt?” she called out, the word slightly slurred and echoing in the still night not caring if anyone heard or caught them. She didn’t care. She just needed to see her. 



I Hate That I Love You | BRITTANA

“Did you get the condoms I left on your dresser Bumble Bee? Sexual exploration at you’re age is very natural, especially at a setting like Homecoming but you have to be safe.”

Brittany rolled her eyes as she checked herself over in her car’s sun visor mirror. On hand holding the phone and the other pulling a few strands from her styled hair for that naturally messy look. “Mom please…” she groaned. She didn’t even recognize herself, dressing up for Brittany was usually just exchanging her distressed jeans or shorts for a skirt or airy dress paired with a jacket that totally clashed. “Plus you know…Santana and I are kind of…a thing.” She smiled at her made up reflection. Things had been going great the past couple weeks since the incident in the storage closet. They hadn’t talked much about it, but the dance studio after hours had become their spot, and they managed to spend a few hours together every day, gIve or take a few in between.

“I meant female condoms sweetheart. You know for oral pleasure. They’re pineapple flavored.”

Brittany cringed at the information. Her face contorting in disgust “Mom…can we not do this. I don’t plan on having sex tonight. I still have to be home in time to get ready to meet up with the Dance Co.” Brittany tied up her conversation with her mom before tossing her phone in her clutch. She was already late enough. The parking lot was packed with cars but empty when it came to people. She had managed to convince the coach of her dance company to allow her to arrive a day later for the meet. She would miss day one of the workshop but she’d easily catch up once she was there. She really didn’t want to miss homecoming, and as soon as she had got the okay she went on a hunt for the perfect formal dress.

She knew it when she saw it, at a thrift store a couple towns over. It was a golden mustard color, vintage, and sheer with a deep V that had a 50/50 chance of getting her sent home and a slit that exposed her long legs. She knew she looked amazing, and she couldn’t wait to see the look on Santana’s face since the woman had no idea she’d even be there. She wanted to surprise her. She stepped out of her car, sporting 5 inch strappy heels and took a deep breath. Her skin sparkled against the moonlight thanks to her shimmery body butter that smelled like lavender and vanilla. Tonight was going to be perfect. The dance was being held in the large multipurpose room at the front of the school entrance. There were balloons and streamers and glitter everywhere.

Music was blaring and the base rattled the floor. Taking a deep breath Brittany stepped into the room and it felt like so many eyes were on her. She tried to ignore it as she searched the room for Santana. She waved at a few friends, hugged others and smiled at compliments thrown her way by all the people that were surprised to see her look so…grown up and well.. hot. She spotted Santana 20 minutes into roaming the room and she smiled softly. Refraining from biting her lip at the very revealing little black dress she had already seen pictures of earlier in the evening. She looked so beautiful. Her body gravitated to the shorter woman, her back was still turned. She tapped her on her bare shoulder. “Hey you…” she mumbled in the secluded corner.

Saw Your Face, Heard Your Name || Brittana F2F

Parties had never really been Santana’s thing, but a fresh move came with a fresh start, and like her mami had always reminded her, a cute high-school boy’s attention was never a bad thing. Even if she’d already left a sweet guy called Matt back home in Florida who, in all honesty, she wasn’t really that upset about leaving. Her boyfriend was polite and respectful, the kind of guy that every parent wanted to meet and every girl dreamed about dating, but he just didn’t really do it for her. So when she was told that her and her parents would be moving across state, she’d left him with a sweet kiss to the cheek and a promise to call him every day. As if that was even slightly feasible considering the distance. Santana had never liked parties for a huge number of reasons; she was a lightweight, felt uncomfortable in large crowds, and for some reason guys always took the atmosphere and heavy drinking as a chance to feel her up. But with some slight encouragement from new-found friend Tina, she’d accepted “Puck’s” invitation to attend what he promised would be the party of the year. No matter how uncomfortable the thought of having to dress up and flirt with guys made her.

She’d hung around for an hour or so, still nursing the same cup of jack and coke, before Puck finally shows up—to his own party. He’s sweaty, and not as cute as she remembered him to be, so when he presses his lips to her ear after a few moments of grinding among the throngs of partiers she suddenly feels sick and knows that she has to get out of there. “Excuse me,” she muttered, pushing the boy away and heading for the nearest exit; narrowly avoiding a girl who she’s sure just snorted a line judging by the white smear under her nose and vacant look in her eyes and darting past a couple making out on the stair-case. Fresh air hits her face and her chest feels a little less tight for a split second—before a blur of a person barrels into her, practically knocking the wind from her lungs. “Ouch,” Santana huffed, her eyes narrowing in confusion as she looked for her attacker. They widened again as she took in the blood spattered on the girl’s face, and her mouth hung open in shock as she was rendered speechless, feeling terrified. ‘And that’s why I don’t go to parties,’ she thought, backing away from the stranger. Was everyone in this town so crazy?



Brittany sat on the couch with her hands in her hear and a tear running down each cheek. Sobs rocked her body. The house was filled with her son Winter’s crying. It wasn’t sad crying or attention seeking crying; it was wailing. His body was rigid, his little fists next to him and his face was red.

She had been desperately trying to calm him down but nothing would soothe him. She knew why. Santana had always sat down with him to watch movies on Saturday, while Brittany did some work. He wanted his mama to sit down with him and cuddle him… only she couldn’t. She wasn’t here anymore.

Santana was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer two years ago. She’d had problems with a cough that wouldn’t go away, but she blamed it on her smoking. She didn’t tell Brittany about how she coughed up blood, how her chest ached and how tired she was. When Brittany had found a tissue with blood on, she dragged her wife to the doctor and that is when a diagnosis followed. 

Santana bravely went through treatment, but she lost the battle two months ago. She died at home, as she made Brittany take her home a week before she died. She didn’t want to be in the hospital anymore and she knew she would be passing away soon. She died in Brittany’s arms, after forcing out her last words. She told Brittany she loved her and their son, that she was so incredibly lucky to have had her and demanded that she would become happy again after she died. Brittany silenced her with a kiss. When she pulled back, her wife took her last breath.

Telling her son had been almost as hard as losing her wife in her arms. He hadn’t understood and to this day he sometimes asks when his mama is coming back. He hasn’t been the same since Santana passed away. He has been angrier, more aggressive and more mouthy than he used to be. Brittany doesn’t know what to do. She has no clue.

That is why now she had temporarily given up and just let herself cry. She was so tired, so alone. She needed her San to take her in her arms and press her lips against her temple. She needed San to be there for Winter, to fill this emptiness in the house.

Brittany looked up as she heard the doorbell ring and for a minute, she considered not opening. When there was another ring, she got up and wiped her face. She opened the door and came face to face with Rachel. She said nothing and just looked at her with empty, tired eyes.


The day was finally here. Brittany had to leave. Santana had been dreading this for a while. She didn’t like having her girlfriend be any further than a 15 minute car ride away, and maybe that made her needy. Okay, it made her incredibly needy. It made her desperate. She just didn’t do well when she and Brittany were apart. It just made her sad. Sighing, she turned her keys in her car’s ignition and pulled them out, the engine falling silent and the radio cutting off, the car falling dormant in it’s parking space. “So,” she prompted quietly, turning to Brittany in the passenger’s seat.


Santana practically screamed in frustration. It seemed that with every step forwards her and Brittany took, they took two going backwards too. She thought that they’d finally managed to get their shit together, but it was apparent after their late night conversation that this wasn’t the case. Brittany had seemed distracted all through their class together, going as far as to ignore her when she tried to strike up a conversation. She sighed. Of course, she didn’t blame the younger girl. They’d flirted through text for a good hour before Santana had basically rejected her. But there was more to it than that. Things were more complicated than Brittany knew…and Santana didn’t even know how to bring up the conversation they needed to have about her girlfriend. But it wasn’t without a hint of irritation that she thought about today’s interactions. Or lack of.

She’d planned on staying making use of the school’s gym facilities to blow off some steam, not wanting to go home to listen to ‘Gay Fabray’ pretending that she didn’t want to pin the annoyingly loud brunette from her work against the wall and fuck her til next Tuesday, or fake her way through her relationship with Dani, but the blaring music coming from next door had proven distracting. She figured it was Holly making use of the space to come up with some new routines for dance, but wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just a student messing around. As she poked her head into the studio, her jaw dropped, eyes bugging out of her head.

She couldn’t tear her gaze away from Brittany’s body as she moved fluidly around the room, keeping in perfect time with the music. Each ripple of her abs…the glistening sweat that covered her body…it was all so beautiful and so, so arousing. Santana’s cheeks grew hot and she bit down hard on her lip, willing herself not to interrupt and throw herself at the blonde. Her eyes darkened even more as the performance continued, hungrily staring at the younger girl. Once the music had stopped, she wasted no time in breaking into a round of applause, making her presence known. “That was incredible,” she spoke, making her way over to the blonde. She paused when she was a few steps away. “You’ve been avoiding me,” she accused, trying to look stern though she couldn’t help but stare at the exposed parts of Brittany’s body.

1: Heart Is Gold; Hands Are Cold

Anyone would think that Santana Lopez had it all. Having a high-end job at a prestigious fashion magazine had its perks, and the rock on her finger really sealed the whole ‘it-girl’ appearance. Women wanted to be her, and men wanted to be under her. Yes, it couldn’t be denied that Santana was highly privileged in life—when it came to the material things, at least. Yet if you took away the high heels and designer outfits and expensive perfume, a thoroughly bored, frustrated woman who was almost completely repulsed by her fiancé was revealed. Brody Weston embodied what every woman craved—rich, handsome and confident—yet everything that she despised. Her life was mundane, a routine, something that she dealt with rather than enjoyed. And with every fake smile she plastered on, she became more and more resigned to the idea that she was destined to live this routine as her life.

It was just another day at the office for Santana. Fingers wrapped around a steaming cup of Americano (black, no sugar), her other hand drummed impatiently on her desk as she checked the time, crossing and uncrossing her ankles. The new girl was already late, and if there was something that irked her even more than her fiancé’s tendency to fall asleep after sex and not bother about helping her out, was when people were late and made her wait around. She barely looked up as the door open, instead keeping her eyes on the desk, an utterly bored expression on her face. “You’re late,” she stated, her gaze leaving the wooden surface and trailing an eclectic mix of colours, before resting on stunningly bright blue eyes. Caught off-guard, she remained silent for a moment before snapping back into action, arching an eyebrow at the blonde. “I don’t like people that are late, in fact, it’s fucking rude. Please enlighten me as to why the fuck I should waste my time waiting around for you to show up rather than firing your sorry ass.”


The weekend had passed in a happy blur and Santana had been floating on cloud nine since spending a whole three days with Brittany. Just her and her girl, with no distractions and no one to peep and pry into what they were doing. They didn’t have to hide when they were together. Their dynamic allowed them to just be themselves around each other, and the sense was oddly freeing. Santana didn’t think that she’d ever been so open so quickly with someone, but it wasn’t as terrifying as she’d originally thought. In fact, it felt good being able to bare all (literally) to Brittany. It felt real.

They’d barely left the hotel room, instead choosing to spend hours and hours learning each other’s life stories and silly facts and mapping out their bodies. Santana found herself fighting to hide a blush whenever she thought of how she’d spent hours on end at a time pleasuring Brittany. The blonde was insatiable; she wouldn’t ever get enough of her. She was falling hard and fast, and she wasn’t complaining. In too deep to try and stop her feelings from progressing. They’d been silly, but sensual, sweet, but sexy and overall the weekend had been one of caring. Knowing that what they felt for one another was more than just physical only made them stronger, and it was with a heavy heart and fond memories that they’d driven back home, back to reality.

Coming back to school had hit hard on them both, and it was growing increasingly frustrating for them to have to go back to pretending they felt nothing for each other. Too often, Santana had caught herself leering at the blonde or dragging her hands up a little too high on her legs when correcting her posture while stretching…and it was driving them both crazy. Both disgruntled with their current arrangement. She shook her head, trying to clear all thoughts of Brittany. The younger girl had completely invaded her mind and rendered her incapable on focusing on work; which was why she needed to use this free period to choreograph some cheerios routines. But, apparently this wasn’t what the fates had in mind for her. “What the fu–!” she shrieked as two hands appeared from nowhere, dragging her into a supply closet. The door shut as quickly as it had opened behind her, and she was visibly scared as she tripped over some cleaning supplies. “What the fuck do you want?” she snapped, eyes adjusting to the dim lighting. “I might be a teacher, but I’ll still kick your fucking ass you perverted horny prepubescent little…” Her gaze fell on blue eyes which she’d recognise anywhere, and she bit her lip, smiling sheepishly at the girl. “Shit Britt…I’m sorry, I thought you were Suckerman…”

Hot For Teacher | Brittana

“I’m telling you…” Brittany slammed her locker and adjusted her gym shorts on her hips, tying the drawstring. She turned swiftly in the direction of the girls dressing behind her. “Claire got a boob job!” She grabbed her own boobs for no particular reason. “You don’t go from non existent, to a very noticeable doubleD over the summer without a lil’ help from a scalpel and some good old silicone.” She grabbed her Starbucks cup off the bench and took a sip of her iced coffee as her friends giggled at her antics. “Seriously…I mean they look pretty awesome….but she has to stop the lies. Everyone knows she’s full of it, I was tempted to ask her to let me give em a squeeze in 3rd period. My Aunt Laura had her boobs done, they’re super soft…maybe they saw the same doctor.” It was the end of a long first day.

Senior year was a go, and surprisingly there were some obvious differences when it was compared to previous first days. For one there was a lot of college talk, and the prom committee wasted no time with the flyers all over the walls. Though she had no real plans she was pretty excited for her last year of high school. Mostly for the parties and her last year with the dance committee. “C’mon or we’ll be….” she looked at the time on her cell. “Even more late.” She giggled and bumped shoulders with her best friends as they exited the locker room into the gym. Brittany didn’t really pay any attention to her teacher, but she did elbow Sugar lightly in the ribs when she noticed the woman was speaking. They shuffled into the group of students that were already scattered along the wooden bleachers and sat down hoping not to be called out.

The blonde finished off her iced coffee chuckling quietly at something sugar whispered before looking up and trying to pay attention. Her jaw dropped…but she recovered quickly. She had heard the talk in the halls about the hot new gym teacher but she honestly wasn’t prepared for the woman in front of her. She licked her lips and drank in the woman speaking in front of the class. “Damn…” she mumbled to herself,,,,she was stunning. Her eyes trailed from the woman’s toes to the top of her head. She bit down on her bottom lip and couldn’t help the smirk that spread across her delicate features. She introduced herself as Ms. Lopez…fitting Brittany thought to herself.

1: Tell Me Life Isn’t That Hard

It was times like these where Santana wished she was back in the comfort of the small towns in the desert. Towns were she could spend her mornings riding on the roads and her nights drinking her sorrows away. There were no men in leather jackets and bandannas hunting her down and capturing her dead or alive for tons of cash. It reminded her of who she used to be and what she was born to become. Anyone who bore the Lopez gang logo in this part of town was shot. She had no gang logo but just because her father was the leader meant that she was part of them too. But the perhaps the reason she was always prone to attacks was because she loved to get into trouble. The times she spent alone and away from her girlfriend were cherished as it diminished the sense that she had succumbed to her worst fear – being grounded once more. She was a free spirit no man or woman could tie her down. Live fast, die young, be wild, and have fun was her motto. On her way home she felt vulnerable and exposed to any attack. Another good thing about the open road, she didn’t have to worry constantly about her own safety. But she did what she had always done even as a little child she kept her head up and showed no fear.

Santana came home later than she expected. A run in with a few goons who threatened to kill her, it wasn’t a pretty ending at all. She was pretty sure that there’d be more of them looking for her later – even if Brittany would protect her she’d have to take a different route out of town. Speaking of Brittany, she was almost too sure that she’d be upset that she came home later than usual. She wasn’t in the mood for arguing with her especially since her lip was bleeding and she was exhausted. Riding out to visit old friends fifty miles away seemed like a great idea until she realized there were new people in town. Her motel room was now occupied by a teenager who sought the same freedom as she did but Santana didn’t take kindly to new people in her clan. She planned on getting rid of him in the only way she knew how seducing him and then poisoning him just like the other higher officials in the Lopez gang would do. Swinging her apartment door open she let out a sigh and stepped back inside, shutting the door behind her with her left heel. Hopefully she could clean up her face and climb back into bed before anyone could notice her. But as she was rummaging around in the cabinet for her stuff she accidentally dropped the painkiller bottle and winced as it dropped onto the floor and spilled everywhere. “Fuck,” she muttered under her breath and began picking up the small pills while covering her mouth with the other. It was most likely going to be awhile before she got to go back to bed.

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Put A Spell On You →

Brittany took her drink from the waiter as soon as she entered the club. It was a routine. Every Wednesday and every Saturday at the same time, Brittany arrived and her regular drink was mixed and waiting for her; a Tom Collins topped with a freshly cut lemon wedge, three chucks of ice. Even if she wasn’t a creature of habit when it came to the details, Brittany would have expected some knowledge of her preferences. Even for a large city such as New York, if you were somebody, everybody knew of you. Bring the soul heiress of the wealthy Pierce estate, not to mentioned her tarnished appearance in the public eye, it was expected.

Moving to her usual booth, Brittany sat down on the leather upholstery, crossing her legs and smoothing out her black dress before allowing herself to take a sip of the bitter drink. Even in a place usually dominated by domineering male clientele, Brittany put off an aura of sophistication and dominance. It had been almost a month since Brittany first stepped foot into this particular high end strip club and, though she wouldn’t usually make a habit of getting comfortable in one place for long due to her image, but there was an exception.

Letting her piercing blue eyes scan the room, Brittany spotted her. She had captured Brittany’s attention since the first time she came into the club and was the soul reason she returned. The twenty eight year old was not what you would call a people person, but this young girl was something else. She had yet to speak to her, instead coming to survey her - to work her out. She wanted to memorize how she moved, how she behaved. It was an obsession.

Brittany had control of everything and everyone in her life, but not this girl. But God, now she wished she did.