• Brittany:Yo, big tits. Are you avoiding me or what?
  • Brittany:Cause I love that I don't have to spend time with the mechanic baby, but I'm kinda scared that you threw it away into the nearest trash can and as a garbage baby, Lord Tubbington can vouch is not a life anyone wants to live.

Good morning interwebs,

So, here’s a bit of exciting news for anyone interested in the wedding (which you should all be). My mom has found us the perfect wedding venue in Indiana, where it’s totally legal to wife up your lesbian lover.

I suppose you could say that I actually found it first, if you want the deets, ‘cause I decided I wanted to be born ASAP and my mom had to squat and pop in the nearest place which luckily, was a pretty awesome looking barn.

If anyone wants to come and help us set up tomorrow, that would be awesome. There’s plenty of time… Right?

  • S:I hate valentines day. It's just another reminder that I'm a terrible person cause I can't stop thinking about you, even when I'm with Dani. And I know it's stupid and awful, but I have so many things to say, things I never got the chance to tell you. Fuck. I bet they're all the same kinds of things that Sam get's to tell you everyday now you're shacking up. [backspaced]
  • S:Hey, so there's a really cute duck pond at the back of this restaurant Dani found, she didn't appreciate it much but I know you would. You should get Sam to bring you some time.
  • S:I hope I'm totally not interrupting anything between you guys, and if I am, well my bad.

The year is 2023, and another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is in full swing. However, things have drastically changed since the times of Harry Potter and his friends. Hogwarts is still an institution for magic and learning, but with an entirely new staff on board, Hogwarts students are being recruited into the ranks of what Muggles call ‘superheroes’.

Another Gleeful Hogwarts is a chemistry-based roleplay combining Glee characters, Harry Potter next gen characters, and pre-made OCs from the Harry Potter universe. Acceptances every two days.

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F2F || Brittana

Santana hummed to herself as she moved around the kitchen while she made dinner. She was eager for Brittany to come over so they could eat together and plan their vacation. Santana was also excited that the studio was allowing Brittany to take time off to go on their trip. When she heard the knock at the door, she walked over and let Brittany in. “Hey you.” She beamed, leaning in to press a soft kiss to her girlfriend’s lips. 


 Best night with the best woman I could ever ask for. How am I so lucky to have someone so sweet and romantic in my life, someone please remind me? Also, margaritas. Tasty. Especially when served in such awesome glasses with an amazing dinner, and some awesome dancing with the hottest woman on the planet.

  • Brittany:Wifey no.1 is reporting for apartment searching duty.
  • Brittany:But I'm pretty sure the one we saw the other day is like meant for us, you didn't even frown in there.
  • Brittany:Not once, and it's a law that Santana Lopez-Pierce frowns inside a room with the frequency of her annoyance level times the current time of the day to the power of hours she spend without eating or having her coffee with additional 3-4 times differences depending on the amount of sweet lady kisses that day.

I’m so done with unemployment. It was pretty nice to chill out and relax for a while, but in a town where there’s fuck all to do, a job seems to be the only thing that’ll keep my sanity. And while I had better luck in the city, I did happen to land a trial with one place that’s looking for a new bartender and stage singer every other night. It’s not exactly what I want to be doing, but there’s limited options in Surfside and I won’t hate what I’ll be doing, so I guess that’s something. 

The Rumors are True...

If you thought this was about prom, you’re wrong. Great guess though. We’re still gonna win so your votes are totally appreciated, but until then, this genius got an audition at Hulliard! And before you ask, the answer is no. Ms. H had nothing to do with it. But I’m pretty sure her parents were huge fans.

And that’s not even the best part. I got one at NASA and NYU too! Isn’t that awesome? New York City, here I come. But I hope you’re ready. Lord Tubbington has high expectations.

First Meeting → Brittana

Today was the day that Brittany’s vacation in the Caribbean was over. She was now in a cab on her way home from the airport, her skin a lovely caramel color from all that time she’d spent in the sun. Part of her couldn’t wait to see her parents after 3 long weeks without them, but the other part of her wanted to be back in the sunshine, and making out with random girls and boys. She doubted that her parents would even be home, despite her telling them that she was arriving shortly via text. They’d probably at some stupid business meeting, or out eating sushi with the president or something. Did they even know Obama? Probably. They’d met the Queen of England, so it wouldn’t surprise her in the slightest. 

Once the cab pulled up outside her house, or should she say mansion, she paid the driver and gave him a generous tip. “Thanks,” she said with a beaming smile before getting out and grabbing her bags from the trunk. “Mom? Dad? I’m home!” Brittany yelled out as she opened the front door, closing it behind her and leaving her bags in the doorway. “Seriously guys, you’re not even here to welcome me? Screw you then,” she grumbled to herself as she made her way into the lounge.