“You need to move on San, find a nice girl that could put up with all your workload”…. yeah okay, says the chick who straight up told me I won’t find anyone who’d be second to my job and will have a sad life forever. Mkay, Dani. You keep telling yourself that, because your newest bitch follows you around like a puppy.

F2F || Brittana

Santana hummed to herself as she moved around the kitchen while she made dinner. She was eager for Brittany to come over so they could eat together and plan their vacation. Santana was also excited that the studio was allowing Brittany to take time off to go on their trip. When she heard the knock at the door, she walked over and let Brittany in. “Hey you.” She beamed, leaning in to press a soft kiss to her girlfriend’s lips. 

‘Sup McKinley losers.

I got some shit I need to get off my chest and if you have anything bad to say about it, you can literally speak to my fist as it breaks your jaw. So sit down, shut the fuck up and read it n’ weep.

I’m gay. Like, not as in the lame way but the ‘I love fucking girls’ way. I dunno how gay I am but it doesn’t even fucking matter ‘cause I ain’t gonna be getting into everyone’s pants.. So I’m sorry if you’re some dude I’ve not gotten to yet or some lesbo who’s been dreaming about me for months - but I ain’t really all that sorry at all.

I’m in love with this chick and she’s the best person I’ve ever met. Not just ‘cause she’s super hot, has awesome boobs and makes me a better person just by talking to me.. But ‘cause she fell for me, even though I was a dick. She doesn’t like some shit about me, but she’s never asked me to be no one different.. And even though she can be a pain in the ass and uses words I don’t understand while makin’ me do my homework, I wouldn’t change it. I love her.. textbooks n’ all.

I fucked up bad.. I fucked up a lot ‘cause I was freaked by this feelings shit, and not being normal. But I’m straight up done with giving a crap about what idiots are gonna say about it and I’m fucking tired of being scared as fuck about someone outing me. So I’m just gonna put this all out there and if you got a problem, then kiss my ass. I’m the toughest bitch in this fucking school and I can still ruin you and look fine as hell doing it.

So what’dya say, Santana Lopez? Give me another shot?

Come Home // Brittana

Santana didn’t think coach’s lecturing, well in his opinion it was probably  a pep talk but still, could last any longer. The man already held them longer than usual and she was ready for the drive home with her brother to go and see her girlfriend. The thought put a smile on her face and her brother nudged her giving her a look before they were allowed to go. Finally, she thought with a grin as she and Mychal grabbed their bags and headed to the car. Driving home took even longer, but Santana just thought it was because she wanted to see Brittany, and the baby, and no. She was so caught up in thinking of the blonde that she didn’t realize they were home until the door slamming shut snapped her out of her thoughts. Grinning, she grabbed her stuff and hurried out the door, heading straight inside her childhood home ready to see her girlfriend.