I Get Nervous | Brittana

Santana had tossed and turned all night following Brittany’s texts. She’d felt bad ignoring the girl, but at the same time it had been wildly inappropriate for her to have even thought about answering once she found out who the mystery texter was. Let alone any borderline flirting. She’d braced herself for an awkward gym class with Brittany, and was almost relieved when she realised that the girl wouldn’t be attending; though part of her longed to see her student again. They hadn’t spoken face to face since their first meeting, and each time they encountered each other on the school grounds Santana always found her eyes lingering a little too long on Brittany’s passing figure. Which was definitely not okay.

A long, gruelling day of cheerios practice and classes meant that Santana was exhausted, just wanting to get home and watch trash TV until Dani returned. Then maybe try and forget Brittany by letting off some steam with her girlfriend. She’d even stayed for an extra hour after school to finish off her workout, and she let out an audible sigh of relief as cool, fresh air hit her flushed face, skin still glistening from her work out. The parking lot was empty, as she’d expected, and it didn’t take her more than a minute to be out of the school and next to her car…though, now she thought about it, she was sure that she’d just heard a noise or two.

Turning around, Santana spotted the source of the interruption almost immediately—Brittany. ‘Of course,’ she thought with a roll of her eyes; karma was obviously out to bite her ass. She contemplated ignoring the girl, sure that she hadn’t seen her, but it seemed to her that the younger girl was having some kind of trouble with her car, judging by the annoyed expression on her face and the way that she was practically kicking at the tyres. “Hey,” she called out, instantly regretting her words. Biting her lip, she slammed her car door shut again before walking over to Brittany, feeling slightly light-headed the closer she got to her. “Um…do you need any help?” she asked, flushing slightly under Brittany’s gaze. She wanted to apologise for the night before, but was too afraid to bring it up.

Hot For Teacher | Brittana

“I’m telling you…” Brittany slammed her locker and adjusted her gym shorts on her hips, tying the drawstring. She turned swiftly in the direction of the girls dressing behind her. “Claire got a boob job!” She grabbed her own boobs for no particular reason. “You don’t go from non existent, to a very noticeable doubleD over the summer without a lil’ help from a scalpel and some good old silicone.” She grabbed her Starbucks cup off the bench and took a sip of her iced coffee as her friends giggled at her antics. “Seriously…I mean they look pretty awesome….but she has to stop the lies. Everyone knows she’s full of it, I was tempted to ask her to let me give em a squeeze in 3rd period. My Aunt Laura had her boobs done, they’re super soft…maybe they saw the same doctor.” It was the end of a long first day.

Senior year was a go, and surprisingly there were some obvious differences when it was compared to previous first days. For one there was a lot of college talk, and the prom committee wasted no time with the flyers all over the walls. Though she had no real plans she was pretty excited for her last year of high school. Mostly for the parties and her last year with the dance committee. “C’mon or we’ll be….” she looked at the time on her cell. “Even more late.” She giggled and bumped shoulders with her best friends as they exited the locker room into the gym. Brittany didn’t really pay any attention to her teacher, but she did elbow Sugar lightly in the ribs when she noticed the woman was speaking. They shuffled into the group of students that were already scattered along the wooden bleachers and sat down hoping not to be called out.

The blonde finished off her iced coffee chuckling quietly at something sugar whispered before looking up and trying to pay attention. Her jaw dropped…but she recovered quickly. She had heard the talk in the halls about the hot new gym teacher but she honestly wasn’t prepared for the woman in front of her. She licked her lips and drank in the woman speaking in front of the class. “Damn…” she mumbled to herself,,,,she was stunning. Her eyes trailed from the woman’s toes to the top of her head. She bit down on her bottom lip and couldn’t help the smirk that spread across her delicate features. She introduced herself as Ms. Lopez…fitting Brittany thought to herself.





Brittany sat on the couch with her hands in her hear and a tear running down each cheek. Sobs rocked her body. The house was filled with her son Winter’s crying. It wasn’t sad crying or attention seeking crying; it was wailing. His body was rigid, his little fists next to him and his face was red.

She had been desperately trying to calm him down but nothing would soothe him. She knew why. Santana had always sat down with him to watch movies on Saturday, while Brittany did some work. He wanted his mama to sit down with him and cuddle him… only she couldn’t. She wasn’t here anymore.

Santana was diagnosed with stage three lung cancer two years ago. She’d had problems with a cough that wouldn’t go away, but she blamed it on her smoking. She didn’t tell Brittany about how she coughed up blood, how her chest ached and how tired she was. When Brittany had found a tissue with blood on, she dragged her wife to the doctor and that is when a diagnosis followed. 

Santana bravely went through treatment, but she lost the battle two months ago. She died at home, as she made Brittany take her home a week before she died. She didn’t want to be in the hospital anymore and she knew she would be passing away soon. She died in Brittany’s arms, after forcing out her last words. She told Brittany she loved her and their son, that she was so incredibly lucky to have had her and demanded that she would become happy again after she died. Brittany silenced her with a kiss. When she pulled back, her wife took her last breath.

Telling her son had been almost as hard as losing her wife in her arms. He hadn’t understood and to this day he sometimes asks when his mama is coming back. He hasn’t been the same since Santana passed away. He has been angrier, more aggressive and more mouthy than he used to be. Brittany doesn’t know what to do. She has no clue.

That is why now she had temporarily given up and just let herself cry. She was so tired, so alone. She needed her San to take her in her arms and press her lips against her temple. She needed San to be there for Winter, to fill this emptiness in the house.

Brittany looked up as she heard the doorbell ring and for a minute, she considered not opening. When there was another ring, she got up and wiped her face. She opened the door and came face to face with Rachel. She said nothing and just looked at her with empty, tired eyes.


The day was finally here. Brittany had to leave. Santana had been dreading this for a while. She didn’t like having her girlfriend be any further than a 15 minute car ride away, and maybe that made her needy. Okay, it made her incredibly needy. It made her desperate. She just didn’t do well when she and Brittany were apart. It just made her sad. Sighing, she turned her keys in her car’s ignition and pulled them out, the engine falling silent and the radio cutting off, the car falling dormant in it’s parking space. “So,” she prompted quietly, turning to Brittany in the passenger’s seat.

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1: Tell Me Life Isn’t That Hard

It was times like these where Santana wished she was back in the comfort of the small towns in the desert. Towns were she could spend her mornings riding on the roads and her nights drinking her sorrows away. There were no men in leather jackets and bandannas hunting her down and capturing her dead or alive for tons of cash. It reminded her of who she used to be and what she was born to become. Anyone who bore the Lopez gang logo in this part of town was shot. She had no gang logo but just because her father was the leader meant that she was part of them too. But the perhaps the reason she was always prone to attacks was because she loved to get into trouble. The times she spent alone and away from her girlfriend were cherished as it diminished the sense that she had succumbed to her worst fear – being grounded once more. She was a free spirit no man or woman could tie her down. Live fast, die young, be wild, and have fun was her motto. On her way home she felt vulnerable and exposed to any attack. Another good thing about the open road, she didn’t have to worry constantly about her own safety. But she did what she had always done even as a little child she kept her head up and showed no fear.

Santana came home later than she expected. A run in with a few goons who threatened to kill her, it wasn’t a pretty ending at all. She was pretty sure that there’d be more of them looking for her later – even if Brittany would protect her she’d have to take a different route out of town. Speaking of Brittany, she was almost too sure that she’d be upset that she came home later than usual. She wasn’t in the mood for arguing with her especially since her lip was bleeding and she was exhausted. Riding out to visit old friends fifty miles away seemed like a great idea until she realized there were new people in town. Her motel room was now occupied by a teenager who sought the same freedom as she did but Santana didn’t take kindly to new people in her clan. She planned on getting rid of him in the only way she knew how seducing him and then poisoning him just like the other higher officials in the Lopez gang would do. Swinging her apartment door open she let out a sigh and stepped back inside, shutting the door behind her with her left heel. Hopefully she could clean up her face and climb back into bed before anyone could notice her. But as she was rummaging around in the cabinet for her stuff she accidentally dropped the painkiller bottle and winced as it dropped onto the floor and spilled everywhere. “Fuck,” she muttered under her breath and began picking up the small pills while covering her mouth with the other. It was most likely going to be awhile before she got to go back to bed.

Put A Spell On You →

Brittany took her drink from the waiter as soon as she entered the club. It was a routine. Every Wednesday and every Saturday at the same time, Brittany arrived and her regular drink was mixed and waiting for her; a Tom Collins topped with a freshly cut lemon wedge, three chucks of ice. Even if she wasn’t a creature of habit when it came to the details, Brittany would have expected some knowledge of her preferences. Even for a large city such as New York, if you were somebody, everybody knew of you. Bring the soul heiress of the wealthy Pierce estate, not to mentioned her tarnished appearance in the public eye, it was expected.

Moving to her usual booth, Brittany sat down on the leather upholstery, crossing her legs and smoothing out her black dress before allowing herself to take a sip of the bitter drink. Even in a place usually dominated by domineering male clientele, Brittany put off an aura of sophistication and dominance. It had been almost a month since Brittany first stepped foot into this particular high end strip club and, though she wouldn’t usually make a habit of getting comfortable in one place for long due to her image, but there was an exception.

Letting her piercing blue eyes scan the room, Brittany spotted her. She had captured Brittany’s attention since the first time she came into the club and was the soul reason she returned. The twenty eight year old was not what you would call a people person, but this young girl was something else. She had yet to speak to her, instead coming to survey her - to work her out. She wanted to memorize how she moved, how she behaved. It was an obsession.

Brittany had control of everything and everyone in her life, but not this girl. But God, now she wished she did.

[a double date]

After an incredibly dull first week back at school, the weekend had finally come, which meant it was time with her double date with Brittany. If she was being honest, Matt Rutherford was the perfect boyfriend. He didn’t talk much, and she was 99% sure he was actually afraid of her, so he would never call her out on her infidelity. Plus he was on the football team. He served her purpose perfectly. Santana wasn’t too eager to have him butting in on her time with Britt though, but that’s what a double date was for. Exposure. Two hot Cheerio’s with boyfriends on the football team? They were making a name for themselves without the help of Quinn, who drove Santana up a wall every time she tried to lord her head Cheerio status over her head. She gave in and became a member of Celibacy Club for her despite being anything but celibate, but that’s all she was going to give her favorite frenemy. At least for now.

Brittany was coming over to get ready, and Santana had her curling iron already warming up. Her best friend was soon-to-be-dating Mike Chang, who seemed harmless enough and was Matt’s best friend. It was a pretty sweet deal, one that Santana could see working for them for a good amount of time. That is, until Matt finally gets tired of her cheating on him, but by then Santana has her popularity clocked at an all time high, and letting him fall to the wayside won’t have an effect on her rising social status. Boys were just pawns in her plan. But Brittany was her constant. Her ride or die. Santana was determined to take Brittany to the top with her.

When she head the doorbell ring, she was quick to shout that it was Brittany and that she got it to her mom who was cooking dinner in the kitchen. She quickly padded down the stairs and opened the door with a genuine smile, happy to see her best friend. “Hey B,” Santana said, her mom shouting an ‘Hola Brittany’ from the other room. “Did you bring sleepover stuff?” she asked as she led them back up the stairs to her room. Once they were both inside, Santana patted the back of the chair in front of her vanity, motioning for Britt to sit down on it. “How do you want your hair?”

You've Got Mail || Brittana

The first week was over, and a new one had begun. And as promised, Brittany had made sure that on the Monday morning, she woke Santana up when she got up, and made a hot breakfast. Which in a way was a bit of a curse, because Brittany hated tearing herself away from Santana in the morning when she looked so beautiful in just one of her t-shirts and some underwear. But the long day was all worth it when Brittany knew they would spend yet another night together. A bit of study, a bit of distraction… Picking up a few things for dinner, Brittany had her hands full when she stumbled back in the apartment. Knowing Santana wouldn’t be too far away, and honestly just not wanting to go back down to the ground floor, she sent Santana a text message. Can you check the mail please Boo? I didn’t have any free hands to even try when I came home :( After hitting send, Brittany set about putting the few bags of groceries and other bits and pieces away.