BrittanaCon Prompt Project

Ok fandom, we know we all got the fairytale canon ending for Brittana we never let ourselves wish for, now it’s our turn to continue the story with the help of our super talented fandom authors/writers/video & gifset makers!!!  We’ve seen some fantastic prompts turn into tumblr ficlets and full fledged stories from some really awesome fandom authors and we’d love to expand this idea into our BrittanaCon Prompt Project.

We want you, yes YOU to submit prompts for participating authors and artists to fill and then we’ll publish the filled prompts in the run-up to BrittanaCon 2015.  We’ll also distribute all the prompt fills, be it stories or art or other media, in the media packages that will go out to attending and supporting members!!!

You can submit prompts to our tumblr inbox (we ask that you not specify an author or artist as we can’t guarantee who will participate) or to our email address by May 8th, 2015.  There is no limit to prompt submissions per person, send them all in!

If you are interested in volunteering to fill prompt(s) for us, please contact us via tumblr or email ( by May 8th, 2015.  (We will be using a sign-up genius website once we gather the prompts and the volunteers so you can choose one that inspires your Brittana feels to the max.)  

We want as many prompts and volunteers as possible, there is no requirement to have written or created art for the fandom before, we’d love for everyone to participate!!!


Pairing: Brittana

Rating: M

Moments and Pieces of A Love Story

“Hmm… You’re right….I mean, not technically because you’re still Santana Lopez, but you’re a Pierce now, too.” You lean in but don’t kiss me yet.

Maybe it’s because you can see the way I swoon over how you say my name. All stretched out and using an accent.

Maybe it’s because you’re playing with me.

Maybe it’s payback for teasing you.

But, baby, whatever it is, I’ll never get sick of it. Any of it.

Even better, I pull you towards the bed with a smirk.


Brittana- In My Veins

CrazyRedHairedChick333′s Author Interview

We round out our first week of posting interviews with CrazyRedHairedChick333/fallen-angels-darkness!  She was one of our attending authors at last year’s Con, we had a ball listening to her panel answers, and we hope you enjoy the interview!

1) What do you think are your particular strengths as a Brittana writer? What do you wish you did better? (Submitted by Lindsey via email)

I think my particular strength as a Brittana writer would be my characterization of them. I think that I am also able to do different POV writing as well. I wish that I had more time to write and update and that I had better vision for my stories like some of the other writers.

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  • Brittany:Yo, big tits. Are you avoiding me or what?
  • Brittany:Cause I love that I don't have to spend time with the mechanic baby, but I'm kinda scared that you threw it away into the nearest trash can and as a garbage baby, Lord Tubbington can vouch is not a life anyone wants to live.
how to sell a tv show to me
  • person:you should watch this tv show
  • me:
  • person:it's really good
  • me:
  • person:it has an amazing plot
  • me:
  • person:and complex characters each with their own unique backgrounds
  • me:
  • person:there's also lesbians in it
  • me:you have piqued my interest