brittan reese


Lisa and Brittan “London” Reese

It’s always amazing being asked to shoot my friend’s weddings. But with Britt and Lisa, it was a total, “When, and where? Say the word and I’m there.” response to their “engaged” status on Facebook. I’ve known Britt since 2008 when he first started trading tattoos for his band’s promos. He talked so much about his amazing girlfriend Lisa, and her job working for one of LA’s most prominent hairstylists to the stars. It wasn’t long after that I got to finally meet Lisa, and understood in a second what soul mates are supposed to be. They met in grade school, and have been together for twelve years! That’s almost half of each other’s lives. They are two of the most talented and hard working people I’ve ever met, and it was incredible to work with them all the way from their first engagement portraits, on up to the big day. Julien, Dannel, and I shot over 40 gig of video, and more than 1,400 photos of their wedding, and I’m so excited to go through everything!
Congratulations guys! I couldn’t be more happy for you!