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Britta Thie


"KNOCHIGER. LEIDEN. ARROGANTER. MEHR ARROGANZ!" Großartiges Video und ein absolut treffender "Kommentar" der Performancekünstlerin Britta Thie zur Absurdität der heutigen Modephotographie. [via]

The next frame. Sometimes the cover doesn’t tell the entire story. This very next frame unfolded before my lens was incredible timing. Especially when you’re looking for perfection and you have the perfect accident. Certainly it will make it into my book one day.


Alien babies

Britta Thie, Artist (

For those of you who sent numerous questions about how the cover shows the shoe completely bent out of shape, yet the artist is focused and tall, what happens next…? Well I’m gonna show you the next frame that never was published. A remarkable shot.


Britta Thie - Shooting