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Always by your side

TITLE: Always by your side


AUTHOR: sigridlaufeyson

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Loki’s wife. He is the king of Asgard and you are the queen. It was an arranged marriage and you barely spoke to each other before the wedding. A few months pass, and you feel yourself growing closer to him. Talking for hours on end, playing jokes on each other. But you fear he’ll always see you as a friend. About a year after you two were married, you get kidnapped. You’re held hostage for what feels like years and all you can think about is how much you want to see Loki, about how much you love him. Loki finds you after 3 days and he takes you back to the palace and doesn’t leave your side until you recover. When you finally do recover, Loki admits how scared he was at the thought of losing you. He then looks deep into your eyes and utters the three words you longed to hear…

“I love you.”


NOTES/WARNINGS: English is not my first language, so I apologize for the mistakes I have made.

The bright light of the great hall blinded Britta for a moment, but she quickly recovered. The room was full of cheering people.

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♥ Darling Valentine; a cute Valentine's day mix to brighten up your day ♥

∟This playlist is dedicated to my lovely friends. I love you guys a lot!


Track 1: Valentine // Kina Grannis

Track 2: Love is Easy // McFly - for Britta

Track 3: I Do Adore // Mindy Gledhill - for Nicole

Track 4: Cold Coffee // Ed Sheeran - for Sammie

Track 5: Olive You // Dave Days ft. Kimmi Smiles - for Maggie

Track 6: All I Want is You // Barry Louis Polisar

Track 7: La Da Dee // Cody Simpson

Track 8: Anyone Else but You // Moldy Peaches

Track 9: Smile Bright // Letters and Lights - for Maeve

Track 10: When I Go // Slow Club

Track 11: Bloom // The Paper Kites - for Brittany

Track 12: If My Heart Was a House // Owl City - for Steph

Track 13: Happily (acoustic) // One Direction - for Kayla

Track 14: Once in a Lifetime // Landon Austin