Opinion | How a Mural of Michelle Obama Became a Lesson on Exploitation
By appropriating an image of the former first lady, an artist missed what led to her greatness in the first place.
By Britt Julious

Also, in a world where reverse google image search is easily available, it’s beyond dumb to not credit the artist and find who created something so clearly contemporary.

ANDDDDD by erasing the artist and not letting her participate in putting her image out and up, you were erasing another audience that would have been supportive of what should have been the goal of exposing more people to this art work instead of claiming false author hood. 

In the debut episode of “The Back Talk,” we focus on the body. Included in the episode is a personal essay by me about style and control and a featured story by Hafsa Arain about sexuality and revelation. Hafsa Arain is an interfaith activist, writer, and educator.

Many thanks to TinyLetter and the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs for facilitating the creation of this podcast!

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Chicago is the most American of cities and because of that, it represents the best and the worst components of humanity at the same time. We are not New York, embedded more in the cultural lexicon of global greatness and cool. We are not Los Angeles, a surreal collection of paradises found, real, or manufactured. No, Chicago is a study of all things at once: unparalleled beauty and homegrown poverty; individualist pride and global ambitions; unchecked power and oppressive inaccessibility; massive amounts of diversity and hypersegregation.
Look, I’ve been through so much terrible shit. Shit that other people can’t imagine. Shit that will break a woman down. And yet, you know what? I still have hope. Cause here’s the thing: There are good folks out there, and some of them will want you in their life. They will love, cherish, and respect you. Their love might not be perfect, but it will be better than this, and I want you to have it. It’s yours.

Britt Julious via adult-magazine

This quote makes me so very happy. 

In the second episode of “The Back Talk,” you’ll hear stories from Meryn, a new friend I met in the course of the creation of this project, and Crystal, one of my dearest, coolest friends in Chicago. Check out their full bios here. The theme for this episode is celebrity: their influence, their legacy, their impact.

I share a story about finding power in celebrity idols, even if there are few to find. Meryn shares a story about her lifelong love of En Vogue. Crystal shares a story about Lucy Liu and growing up as a young Asian-American woman.

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