Pinup girl reading LIFE. Model: Beth. Photographer: Britt Dietz. © Dietz Dolls Vintage Pinup Photography

A tribute to the fighter pilots of WW2 and LIFE Magazine. LIFE covered the entire war, along with other publications like TIME, YANK, etc. LIFE, however, captured some of the most quintessential iconic photos of the war courtesy of photographers such as Robert Capa and Alfred Eisenstaedt.

“In honor of Walt Disney’s Parade of Dreams anniversary today, I thought I’d post this ‘photo mosaic’ I did some time ago of thousands of photos I’d taken over the years of POD put together to form one of the press release photos of the parade! Miss you POD, and THANK YOU to all the many talented performers I was able to capture over the years that I shot the parade. I loved every minute of it!” -Britt Dietz