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Though Warner’s stint as a juvenile “runaway” may have been short-lived, she eventually would go on to depart her childhood home for real, exchanging her toy wagon for a Dodge Stratus and traversing the United States in pursuit of a musical career: Austin, Seattle, Vermont, West Hollywood. “I have always been a proactive wallower,” says Warner of her experiences. Read more at Interview Magazine

Back home to San Francisco I go with a dazzling and spectacular new song from talented producer Blackbird Blackbird. From the get go, Young, which features beautiful vocals from SoCal artist Britt Warner, grips me in its vice with ethereal, pulsing, organic production. Young literally glows with a vibrancy and immaculate vitality that lives up to its youthful name. The incredible, engrossing release made its debut on Major Tendons, a mixtape curated by Poet/Writer Melissa Broder. Excuse me as I try to catch my breath from these sounds oscillating vigorously through the whole of my being.