britt loves to dance


brett dalton appreciation week | day five: favourite relationship (pt. 1)

BJ Britt   //  “i will never forget when bj britt and brett dalton danced to rude boy and then promptly tackled one another.” - me after my life changed 

It’s a small tapping at first.

A gentle nudge. 

Her leg moving against yours.

You turn yourself over and readjust your pillow, sliding back into sleep.

Until it happens again, more forcefully this time. And her arm smacks you on the back and you feel her slide out of bed.

You sigh, a smile on your face.

She’s doing it again. 

Dancing in her sleep.

It only happens when she’s nervous about something. It used to only happen when she was nervous about a routine. Or Cheerios. Or you.

But now it happens over math. And rent.

And your happiness.

You flip over onto your back and turn towards her. Her face is furrowed in concentration, the way it looks when she’s onstage.

And you wonder if she actually dreams about dancing. About the routine that she’s doing. If she even knows that she does it.

Because every time you bring it up, she gets that little flustered look on her face and denies it.

You’ve even taped it before.

And she makes that cute little shy hum and changes the subject. She never wants to talk about it.

But, now, right now, she’s moving her arms in such clean lines, and she’s floating around the bedroom like a dream.

It’s so beautiful it makes you swoon. 

Until she trips on your shoes and falls and you’re up out of bed in a flash.

She’s awake now, the cutest confused face staring up at you.


And you smile at her because she knows you’ve caught her now.

“Believe me now, Britt?”

She reaches for your outstretched hand and you pull her up. She’s looking back at you with a gleam in her eye.

“Never.” before she steals your sassy retort right off your lips with her kiss.