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Stressed Terezi Playlist

Talking To Myself -Watsky

And when you tripped and dropped you picked yourself up off the ground / And picked your scabs you knew you had to pick a plan to end what you began

Runs In The Family -Amanda Palmer

 I mean well, I’m well well I mean I’m in hell well I still have my health at least that’s what they tell me. / If wellness is this what in hell’s name is sickness? / But business is business and business runs in the family.

Stressed Out -Twenty One Pilots

 I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink / But now I’m insecure and I care what people think

Broad Shouldered Beasts -Mumford And Sons

These apartment walls are paper thin / And no one is trying to listen in / What to hear our doubts / Hear our whispered shouts, they don’t care

Don’t You Dare Forget The Sun -Get Scared

 Well, just look at what you’ve done. / Don’t you dare forget the sun, love!

King Of Anything -Sara Bareilles

Keep drinking coffee, stare me down across the table / While I look outside / So many things I’d say if only I were able / But I just keep quiet and count the cars that pass by 

Feel Good Inc -Gorillaz

You won’t get out the county ‘cause you’re damned and free / You got a new horizon, it’s ephemeral style / A melancholy town where we never smile

Headphones -Britt Nicole

Her mom says she’s great / The kids think she’s weird / Honestly she wish she could disappear

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Festival Surprise


You had been away from London for a few weeks, 8 to be exact. You’re job that you loved so much often had you making sacrifices between your social life and work. 

You and Joe had planned on going to Glastonbury for the music festival that was happening. He was so excited to get away from his social media for a few days for the festival and then a few days back in the countryside of Wiltshire but his excitement faded quickly when you told him about the your 8 week work trip. 

The trip wasn’t a vacation, it was very much work. It just so happened to be in a city that had access to the sea and a beach, not to mention the extensive amount of downtime you would have each day, but nonetheless it was work. You would be surrounded by your colleagues and your boss so really it wasn’t a vacation at all. 

You could see it in Joe’s eyes that he was sad about missing the festival. He had planned everything out months in advance and even turned down each and every temptation of going to LA with the rest of his mates. In hopes to raise his broken spirits, you called up Britt and asked if she would be up for accompanying your boyfriend in all the activities he had planned. 

When you told Joe, he was thrilled. Thrilled to see Britt again but that was about it. He was excited for the festival but only really wanted to experience it with you.

It was now the day before the festival and you were flying back into London where you would pack a new bag and the following day, start the car journey to Glastonbury to surprise your boyfriend. A few days ago you had called Britt, letting her know that you would be able to make the festival after all. You had actually known this for sometime and had already purchased another ticket and had worked out all the detail with Britt making her promise to keep your arrival a secret. 

It was just after noon when you arrived at the location of the festival. You let Britt know that you were there and started to make your way to where her and Joe were staying. 

“Y/N! You’re here!!” Britt said from outside the tent when she saw you approach. 

“Britt!” You said in a hushed excited tone as you  moved to hug her. 

“Don’t worry, he’s not in here. I sent him away so you can get settled before he sees you and before everything gets started. Oh my he’s going to be so excited.” Britt said pushing you into the tent.

“So where is he?” You asked dropping your bags to the ground. 

“Going to get food. I told him to bring back extra just in case we get hungry later but it’s actually for you.” Britt said taking a seat on her bed while you did the same.

A few more minutes chit chat and catching up had passed before you heard your boyfriend’s voice.

“You decent Britt?” He said through the other side of the tent causing you to and Britt to laugh.

“Yeah, come on in.” 

“Okay so I got us a lot of waters and some-…Y/N!?” Joe exclaimed as she fully entered the tent. 

“Hi love!” You said standing up from your spot on the bed to give him a hug. 

“Hi, what are you doing here? I thought you had work?” He asked hugging you tightly.

“I got the dated mixed up, I actually flew back yesterday and thought I could surprise you. Also Britt’s pretty good at keeping secrets.” You said sending her a smile. 

“You know about this?” Joe asked letting you go but still kept an arm around your waist. 

“Yeah, she called a few days ago when I was still in LA so i’ve known for a while. Honestly it was really hard to keep it from you, especially since you wouldn’t quit talking about her!” Britt laughed. 

“Awe did you miss me?” You asked laughing as well.

“My girlfriend has been away from 8 weeks, thats 2 months. I haven’t seen you in 2 month Y/N! So yeah, I missed you a little bit.” He said as a rosy tint covered his cheeks. 

“Awe love, I missed you too.” You said leaning your head on his shoulder, “I also missed you too Britt its been way too long!” You said opening your arms to give her another hug.

“Yeah well you guys do know that you guys can come visit me in LA right?” She laughed as she tugged both you and Joe. 

“We’ll visit I promise, probably when it starts to get cold in the UK.” Joe said as you shook your head known how much he hated the cold and wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny before the holiday, “But until then, c’mon Y/N, you’ve got to meet our neighbours, they’re bloody amazing and we are going to have so much fun the next couple of days!!” Joe said tugging you out of the tent.

You shot Britt a look which caused her to laugh and shake her head as she followed you two of the tent over towards your neighbours who were outside already drinking and having a laugh. 

You took a sip of the drink they had offered you as the three of you ventured over to the stages. Joe was very keen on giving you a tour of the place he too had just arrived at.

“I’m so happy that you’re here.” Joe said as he intertwined his fingers with yours. 

“Me too, I was actually really bummed when I thought I was going to miss this.”

“So was I but then you called Britt.” Joe smirked and nudged your side with his elbow. 

“Ha ha.” You said sarcastically.

“We’re going to have even more fun now that you’re here Y/N!” Britt said as she took another drink or her own drink. 

“You better, or else this was a shit surprise.” 

“This was great surprise love, and yes I promise we are going to so much fun. Just wait until tonight!” Joe said leaning in to give you a quick kiss on your temple as you three continued to wander the festival.

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Okay, if Britt and Kendrick don't get paired up for interviews fine, but please God DON'T let Kendrick get paired up with Rebel, I can't stand Rebel in interviews. I'd rather see Kendrick do press alone. Also, the last time Britt did press with Camp and Steinfeld it was so boring to watch. PP1 press was way better.

Well I feel bad saying that it’s probably super likely that Kendrick and Rebel will get paired because their characters seem to have the most to do with each other. I don’t know, I just don’t see them pairing Snow and Kendrick again. 

I agree though that PP2 press was pretty boring in comparison. No offence against Hailee, I love her, but her and Britt just didn’t have that same spark together that Snow and Kendrick have. 

The whole experience.

Even though Ive already shared so much, I’m going to try to think of anything else I’ve got!

First of all, after two days of not enough sleep, no proper meals, 10+ hours of driving, more excitement than my little heart can handle, and too many long stretches of sitting, standing and walking, I’m in serious need of a nap. I will not be setting an alarm for tomorrow morning and possibly sleeping until noon.

I already chronicled my fairly uneventful morning wandering the city stalking them. Saw Artem get off the bus. Saw Rashad working out outside the buses and spied on him from the top floor of the parking garage. Saw Emma, Sasha, and Ruby get in a car. Walked past Artur (now I REALLY wish I had stopped and said hi to him!!!). And that was it.

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I feel like Luke would love it when you touch his hair during sex. Just hear me out. Like he'd be going down on you but all of his nice long hair would be blocking his face and you'd just think, "nope I need to see my mans face." So you'd hold it in a pony tail and pull it lightly from time to time. We all know how much of a praise/attention hoe Luke is so he'd take you pulling his hair as praise and gkdodjdi sorry this has just been on my mind for awhile 😂

I don’t need to see his face that bad!!!! I mean I can just keep my hands to myself!!!! he wouldn’t want his hair getting greasy so I better just not do that bc you know no one wants greasy hair do they? it’s a pain isn’t it? greasy hair sucks doesn’t it? oh and knots, who wants knotty hair??? no one, no one wants greasy knotty hair do they??? it would just be a disaster wouldn’t it????

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I don't think Dylan sees Britt as "Britt O'B" because even if he did, Britt's bluntly and straightforwardly admitted that she has commitment issues with her relationships and plus with Dylan working, Britt and her attempts of acting, and the fact that they don't live together even though Dylan has said that her dogs were also his.. I doubt he sees her that way, and I mean, it's obvious she doesnt want kids so I doubt she'd want marriage but knowing her whatever gets her more attention, she'll do


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did you guys hear about luke meeting fans outside their hotel the other night and wanted to give some little boy (one of the fans baby bros), his sunglasses to wear them and the lil boy got scared and started crying and luke felt so bad that they said he kept apologizing and was like should i go??? only luke lmao i think their twitter user name is xianus or something like that? i can't remember cleary tbh

kjshgkjhkje ‘should I go?’ sadkfdbgj omg my poor awkward baby he’s such a sweetheart he makes my heart hurt kdjbskgfb