Sexy Brit-Star of DRACULA

Sexy Brit-Star of DRACULA

Actor Noah Huntley’s tall, sexy, and brooding good looks make it easy to see why this British star was cast in the highly-anticipated action horror film DRACULA UNTOLD, set

for a wide theatrical release through Universal Pictures on October 17th. Penned by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (GODS OF EGYPT), directed by rising helmer Gary Shore, and produced by three-time Academy Award® nominee…

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Taking it to the next level. . .

I am taking a creative writing workshop this semester at school. As frightened as I am of the class, I am also extremely excited. I have always had a love for writing, but up until now it has been mostly poetry. The class I’m taking focuses strictly on fiction writing. I have never written a story before (at least a good one). I’ve always had an idea for one, but never quite knew how I should approach it. Also, I tend to focus most of my ideas around love, and I really want to broaden myself. Hopefully I will really succeed in this class and raise my skill level much higher.

So, to kind of help encourage myself to work harder, I will be posting my stories here, and mostly on my RedBubble profile. Hopefully this will really help me get better and take my writing more seriously. Plus, I would like to get feedback from more people, rather than just my professor and my classmates.

The first story is already on RedBubble. Click here to read it. I will be putting a link to my RedBubble profile on the sidebar. Also, I believe you can purchase stories from there as well. So, I encourage you to purchase one and help out an unemployed college student.

Thanks in advance! :-)