Why is this everyone’s new favourite character

But does everyone hate her?

They both have incredibly impractical armour yet the first one is heralded as everyone’s new favourite character but the second one is apparently pandering to gross male fans. I’ve seen more female fans drool over the first character than I’ve seen male fans drool over the second one. I don’t understand the difference.

Throwing crap at FE13/FE14 =/= Miyazaki criticizing the anime industry.

I’ve seen people on Serenes liken their hate for FE13/FE14 to Miyazaki’s dislike for what the anime industry turned into.

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Miyazaki felt this way because it was an industry he loved being absolutely destroyed. It’s dominated by people who hate “observing other people”.
The lack of empathy and investment to make memorable and believable characters. Ones that have a semblance of being a real person.
Anime tropes to appeal to the “otakus” will be there, but it *DOES NOT* dominate Fire Emblem’s design.

FE by nature has “forgettable” characters because of the entire permadeath premise. If they die, the story forgets them entirely.
All of their development relies on support conversations.

They actually put thought into the “trope” appeal.
They put the reasons the characters act that way in backstories you only get to discover if you invest in that character.

And how do you get a player to do that? By exaggerating the HELL out of an attribute they might like… whether or not you think it’s pandering to a fetish or whatever.

I am not trying to start a fight or anything, but it *IRKS* me when people reference Miyazaki’s contempt for the anime industry and likening it to their own dislike for something.
An attempt to justify their negative view as rightfully so, despite the fact that they are playing up the actual gravity of their own situation.

It’s disappointing to see how much steam the Awakening hate train got via the “one-dimensional” characters with people throwing crap at the tropes when they don’t even know half the stuff the characters say in support conversations.
Or their reasons for being the way they are. They were judging the book for its cover.
Believe it or not, but actually reading an entire character’s backstory via support conversations despite the anime tropes HAS that feeling of believability Miyazaki criticized the anime industry for lacking.

Hoshido exclusive characters:

Nishiki: A (fox thing) youth who lives in a remote region of Hoshido. As the succcessor to his clan following his father, he maintains the order among his comrades.

Kazahana: Well known as a prominent samurai of Hoshido. She escorts Hoshidan princess Sakura as her loyal retainer.

Tsubaki: Fights while riding a pegasus. This mannerism may make him seem like a gentle guy, but he is in fact very strict to himself.

Nohr Exclusive characters:

Belka: A soldier who reports to the Nohrian princess Camilla. Well suited to Camilla, who greatly appreciates “strong girls”. (So yeah, Belka is a female)

Luna: Like Belka, she is Camilla’s subordinate. Hates to lose and isn’t satisfied unless she is the very best at everything.

Nyx: Though she has the appearance of a young girl, she has a very mature personality. She has been living quietly (peacefully?) in Nohr.

I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE YOU CAN BRING YOUR LOVERS AND ALLIES INTO YOUR BEDROOM TO PET THEIR FACES LIKE. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS??? I CAN FINALLY STROKE MY HUSBANDS FACE AND WATCH HIM GO DOKI DOKI TO IT???  THANKS NINTENDO FOR GIVING ME WHAT I NEVER KNEW I WANTED.  But no seriously oh my god I’m so excited for this iT’S SO CUTE I WANNA LOVINGLY STROKE CYRUS’ FACE SO BAD.  I already love him so much he seems like he’s gonna be such an amazing and cute character (and he’s hot) I’m so so looking forward to seeing more of him then marrying him aoerigh (ノ∀`♥)

I honestly think that this is the most fun I’ve ever had drawing something.  I mean I have a lot of fun with most of the things I draw but I THINK IT SAYS SOMETHING WHEN ON THE FIRST DAY I GOT SO INTO IT I SPENT 4 HOURS STRAIGHT WORKING ON IT WITHOUT REALIZING HOW MUCH TIME PASSED AND PUSHED MYSELF PAST MY HAND’S LIMIT CUZ I DIDN’T WANNA STOP.  I just had so so much fun with it and I’m sO SO HAPPY WITH IT AND PROUD OF IT AND OARIHG It’s so hard to express just how happy I am with it really.  I’m especially happy with how their faces and the interaction between them came out.  I might’ve gotten part of Cyrus’ design wrong since only his portrait is out and I can’t see his pants or forearms (it was an Adventure trying to figure it out) so I took a simple guess at it based off some other things but ALL OF IT JUST ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

full view please!