brits awards

Silly Swiftie

lol Just like I don’t take any fan girl who makes statements like this seriously. She’s admitted her songs were written about her exes. Are you deaf and blind? I know you’re a Swiftie and you want to defend her but she has admitted to her songs being about them. Actually I just posted a video collage from Vanity Fair of her admitting to the fact.

Back To December-Taylor Lautner

Dear John- John Mayer

I Knew You Were Trouble- Harry Styles—which she admitted at the Brit Awards and she was quoted as saying-

Obviously it was Harry who was standing at the side of the stage so no mistaking who she meant.

Picture To Burn- Jordan Alford

The Last Time- Jake Gyllenhaal

Begin Again- Connor Kennedy

Holy Ground/Forever & Always- Joe Jonas

It’s ok hon. No need to bare your kitty claws. I was only pointing out the error of your statement. Take care and have a good evening.