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YouTube, a place with a niche for everyone. I’d LOVE to get into the phenomenon where actors/writers/directors have stopped waiting  to see projects that suit their style and have instead opted to go for kickstarter and have began hosting their own content on Youtube BUT that’s not why I sat down to write this post. This post is to bring attention to a different YouTube phenomenon, that of BritPopPrincess or Patricia. Don’t let the screen name fool you. This girl is down to earth and always ready for a good laugh. She started off being a hair,make-up, fashion YouTuber like so many others, but then one day she decided to do a boyfriend tag. Her subscribers liked Mike so much, that when they got married they did a Husband tag and even gave their fans a compilation video of the wedding. Demand for more Mike soon spiraled into what is now their vlog channel BritPopLife and on every Tuesday and Friday we’ve watched them travel to Spain, eat KFC, hang out with family members, shop, cook, inspire laughs and most recently, house hunt. They’ve finally gotten the keys! This house has work to be done on it so I’m sure we’re going to see more terrible wallpaper removal attempts from Mike over the next few weeks. 


What’s so attractive about this couple? Why have 23,614 of 164,664 subbies decided to officially subscribe to Mike and Patricia’s daily lives? I think it’s that as human beings we will always crave a connectedness and in a time when reality tv is far from reality it’s fun to see two hard working people (Mike is a physical therapist and Patricia is an accountant) have fun and truly enjoy life as it is.



Nia  Ain


They are the cutest couple ever 


In the little spare time I have, I like to watch other people’s lives