the signs as songs from all blur albums (1991-2015)

aries - she’s so high, for tomorrow, tracy jacks, the universal, M.O.R, B.L.U.R.E.M.I, ambulance, ghost ship

taurus - bang, coping, trouble in the message centre, it could be you, on your own, mellow song, on my way to the club, go out

gemini - come together, advert, magic america, mr robinson’s quango, movin’ on, 1992, good song, ice cream man

cancer - wear me down, blue jeans, end of a century, fade away, theme from retro, tender, out of time, mirrorball

leo - there’s the no way, colin zeal, bank holiday, dan abnormal, song 2, trimm trabb, crazy beat, i broadcast

virgo - slow down, miss america, the debt collector, ernold same, you’re so great, trailerpark, caravan, i thought i was a spaceman

libra - bad day, sunday sunday, far out, globe alone, country sad ballad man, coffee & tv, jets, pyongyang

scorpio - repetition, pressure on julian, clover over dover, country house, i’m just a killer for your love, battle, gene by gene, ice cream man

sagittarius - birthday, intermission, girls & boys, entertain me, chinese bombs, swamp song, moroccan peoples revolutionary bowls club, ong ong

capricorn - fool, villa rosie, jubilee, charmless man, death of a party, optigan 1, we’ve got a file on you, there are too many of us

aquarius - high cool, star shaped, this is a low, stereotypes, beetlebum, bugman, sweet song, my terracotta heart

pisces - sing, oily water, to the end, he thought of cars, dancehall, no distance left to run, battery in your leg, new world towers