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what is this "military testing" you are talkin about??

I saw UFOs and such trending on twitter and showed to my friend bc she’s an alien fan and then went to see why it was trending. I was expecting to see something silly, and indeed a lot of people were joking, but then I realized that there had been a legit UFO sighted. Not just one video, but several videos shot from different angles, different people, in the Los Angeles area. Whatever it was, it was obviously real.

Here are links to a few videos:

According to news sites, the Navy says it’s a missile/rocket they tested. I’m really not an expert but I’m not convinced it is? If it is, then it’s REALLY different from other missiles. For comparison, and - Those are missiles. They are fast, they are clearly missiles, not easily mistaken for anything else. Even as just lights in the night sky, they look very very different.

Whatever is in the other videos is in my opinion either a) moving much slower than a missile should move or b) is actually far away and moving at a decent speed but is much larger than a normal missile and also why is it glowing blue? I’d also wonder why they are testing a missile near the densely populated Los Angeles area when they have desert land for a reason to do exactly this kind of thing safely and presumably with less witnesses? I’m sure if it’s a test it’s not like it’s explosive or anything  but if they are testing it they can still end up with unexpected debris or who knows what, wouldn’t you think? So it seems like a weird location to just casually have a missile test, nbd. 

No matter what it is, it’s really cool footage, it must’ve been spectacular to see in person. I’m not convinced it’s aliens but I’m not convinced it’s a normal missile either. For all we know, in twenty years they’ll declassify and admit it was a secret test flight for something. Pft. *plays X-Files theme song*

ETA: to add to the conspiracy level here, apparently some news sites are or were claiming it’s from the Taurid Meteor Shower. lmaoooo okay