Daily Star Online understands that alongside the freshly announced Israel and the Philippines dates, Britney will play shows in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, France and England.

In fact, while the final schedule is still being inked out, bosses at the O2 Arena are understood to be a whisker away from getting her to perform as part of their 10th Anniversary gigs in June.

But that’s not all.

The 35-year-old Britney is also tipped to be heading for a handful of gigs in Australia – the first time she has performed there in eight years.


No Filter Challenge

I was tagged forever ago by @wild-pixel and @cmpixels and I am not good at doing stuff lmao but I got to it eventually so props to me

Rules: Grab a sim that is associated with your blog a lot and remove all of their cc except hair, eyebrows and skin color, then do a before and after.

Idk who has/hasn’t done this challenge yet but I will tag anybody who thinks Better or Love Me Down should be the next single off Glory 💋 if there even is another one. I mean she goes on tour in June there has to be another single to promote the tour right?