you found yourself remembering your childhood that day. Not that it was that long ago, but still. Your older brothers would push you around outside, tell you you couldn’t play, despite your protests and it always  ended up with you shuffling inside. Crying, dirt all over your face and a few cuts and scrapes on your knees. You’d just stumble into your room and sit on your bed and wonder why they wouldn’t let you play with them. 

Then she’d come sit next to you.

She always knew what was wrong. Probably because she knew your brothers.
It always went the same way. You’d scoot away from her to the other side of the bed and she’d just look at you. She’d look at you, pat her lap and you’d always end up laying your head on her legs and letting everything out.

Now you were here, it’s your first day off in a while, and you decided to visit home. You just let yourself in and see that your brothers aren’t around at the moment , you consider that a good thing. 

It’s quiet and there’s no sign of anyone actually.

You stagger up the stairs, tired and sore from days of work prior. Your room  looks a bit different. A bit cleaner. But the old posters you and one of your brothers put up were still there. You throw your bag down littering it’s contents across the floor and throw your hat down with it. 

You go right to the bed on the right side of the room, the one you knew was yours.

You sit down, noticing the bed’s a bit creaky, probably because it’s old.
You go to peel the bandages off of your hands, a thick line of dirt around the bottom, much like a tan line. Underneath numerous cuts, nicks, burns and scrapes from work.  You wrap them back around not wanting to look at them at  the moment. 

You start welling up. 

most of your family looked down on you for your job. The way you lived, and everything else about you. 

Then she came in.

She sat down on the bed next to you, to which you moved away some and wiped your face on your sleeve. 

She patted her lap, and right then you went back to the old routine. 

You set your head on her legs and let everything out.