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Do you know if Tyler hoechlin is still dating Britney snow?

I don’t know. I assume they are since she hasn’t inflows unfollowed him on instagram like last time. But he’s been spending a lot of time partying w his friends. ..

I guess we’ll know next week at his birthday. I’m just assuming they’re together (unfortunately) until otherwise :p


Who did you get?!

What I See When I Watch Pitch Perfect

I’m now going to explain to you what Pitch Perfect is when I watch it, as a Bechloe shipper. It is not a comedy, but rather a tragedy.

So meet Chloe. A bubbly, optimistic girl, who is trying to get an a capella team back on top. One days she meets this girl named Beca and for some reason she gets upset when Beca doesn’t want to join, but she brushes that off.

Why should she care?

Then one day, a while later, she’s in the shower when she hears a beautiful voice, singing in another stall. Chloe knows that this voice can bring them to the top, so she leaves her usual hook up to go and investigate.

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Pitch Perfect - Aca-Inappropriate Version