britney's musics

the signs as iconic britney spears outfits

aquarius: cutout suit and tie from “Me Against The Music”

pisces: strapless bedazzled denim dress she wore with Justin

aries: naked with diamonds glued on from “Toxic”

taurus: “Slave 4 U” outfit

gemini: 2002 VMAs dominatrix outfit

cancer: black bustier from “Work Bitch”

leo: red bodysuit from “Oops I Did It Again”

virgo: school girl uniform from “Baby One More Time”

libra: metallic green top from “Crazy”

scorpio: flight attendant uniform from “Toxic”

sagittarius: "Circus” ringleader outfit

capricorn: feathered robe and nightgown from “Lucky”

  • Public: I can't wait for Rihanna's new album full of hits and electronic music
  • Rihanna: you know what? fuck you this is my most personal record and I'll party and get personal.
  • Public: I can't wait for Beyoncé's album full of twerking and hip-hop and party.
  • Beyoncé: you know what? fuck you, here, have my soul and the life of a real african-American woman and a real family suffering.
  • Public: I can't wait for Britney's new album she's gonna give us old school Brit and hits, she's gonna be back to the clubs.
  • Britney: you know what? Fuck you im gonna take my time to make a quality full body album with good vocals and fun music for me and my fans.
  • Public: I can't wait for Gaga's album and forget Artpop, I bet she's gonna slay every pop artist and be back at the top charts.
  • Gaga: you know what? Fuck you this is my most personal album and I'm doing something different again, this is my real life and my real voice.
  • Let's appreciate for a moment these talented women who once ruled the charts and now are doing art for the sake of art; and they're better than ever, off or on the charts.

Don’t Stop The Punk

Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers vs.

Don’t Stop The Music by Rihanna
Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga
Into You by Ariana Grande
Circus by Britney Spears.