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Thinkin' About You (Pink Bubblegum Mix)
Britney Spears
Thinkin' About You (Pink Bubblegum Mix)

Also known as the Second Version of “Thinkin’ Abou You”, the Pink Bubblegum Mix was exclusive to a Britney Spears birthday card that came with a CD which also featured the album version of “Sometimes”. This version hasn’t appeared on any other release. 

He About To Lose Me (Trace Adam Gimme More Remix)
Britney Spears
He About To Lose Me (Trace Adam Gimme More Remix)

This mix blends together elements of both He About To Lose Me and Gimme More. They’re both two of my favorite Britney songs, and I never thought they would work so well together. It wasn’t really planned either - I was just playing with the pitch of Gimme More’s instrumental when I realized how well the two could sound together. I tried it the other way around with Gimme More’s vocals instead but it didn’t sound nearly as good.

from Trace Remixes Vol. 2

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