britney spears magazine cover

The problem with Britney Spears’ new cover isn’t with her but with society

Why must Britney Spears always be stronger, and hotter, than yesterday? 

That seems to be the message, at least, of the new Women’s Health cover story featuring America’s ultimate pop star. But while the story’s headline declares that Britney is “Stronger Than Yesterday (Or Ever!)” on the cover, Spears looks less like her old self and more like a somewhat recognizable doppelganger.

The wizardry behind the cover is hard to know. It could be overzealous airbrushing, or simply tricks with lighting or expert makeup. (Mic has reached out to the magazine for comment.) What is clear is that the Women’s Health cover photo doesn’t reflect what what the 33-year-old icon actually looks like in real life.

Why can’t we let women age?