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Britney’s Fantasy Collection

  • Fantasy (2005)
  • Midnight Fantasy (2006)
  • Hidden Fantasy (2009)
  • Circus Fantasy (2009)
  • Island Fantasy (2013)
  • Fantasy: Anniversary Edition (2013)
  • Fantasy: Stage Edition (2014)
  • Rocker Femme Fantasy (2014)
  • Fantasy Intimate Edition (2015)
  • Maui Fantasy (2016)
  • Fantasy In Bloom (2017)

Fantasy Twist (2012)
Fantasy: The Nice & Naughty Remix (2014)


The music industry comes together to show their support for Ariana Grande and the victims of the horrible Manchester Arena attack ♥

I found this photo on Meghan Trainor’s instagram. And it really does represent the situation right now.

As I know, one of the victims that had tragically passed away yesterday was not only an Arianator, but also a Directioner, a Mixer and a Harmonizer as well.

So this goes beyond just Ariana and her fans, it’s now all the other fandoms as well, since this happened at one of the special events where artists and their fans get to know each other better.

I’m sending my love and support to everyone, not just the ones involved but the ones who have nothing to do with this. The world relies on us to speak up and spread love.

Stay strong my loves. Please share if you find your fandom and want to send love and support to other fandoms.