britney and kevin chaotic

A Completely Subjective List of Highlights from FH’s Shopping Network
  • James’ ridiculously gawdy suit and tie
  • Lawrence’s shirt
  • Lawrence’s accent(!)
  • Lawrence in those jeans
  • Elyse breaking the Wheel of Vengeance
  • Aaron’s ‘‘AJ from the Backstreet Boys’’ cosplay
  • Elyse’s Jennifer Aniston impression
  • Lawrence in those jeans
  • Miles’ hairline
  • Lobster claws
  • Adam Kovic. Nuff said.
  • Flanagan in thigh highs and no pants
  • Elyse’s Keira Knightly impression returns!
  • Lawrence in those jeans
  • Cooking with Coolio?? Britney and Kevin Chaotic?? Where do they find this shit??!!
  • Yssa’s stone cold serious face superimposed over everything

Maybe, after 10 long years, she’s finally re-filming the music video for Outrageous. You know, the cancelled single from In The Zone? The same music video that took out her knee and effectively killed her ability to dance like a superstar. the knee injury that pushed her closer to K-Fed. and their wedding. and UPN’s critically acclaimed Britney & Kevin: Chaotic. and tater-tot & french fry. and her breakdown. I’ve written a thesis on this.