britney and christina

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✨those kinda fucked up pics like the corn seahorse or the exploding portapotty or the dude stretching before robbing a dunkin donuts or weirdly ominous signs, just shit that’s messed up in a funny way 


If you were younger than 10 in 2003, or you weren’t born yet, you may not realize how scandalous and iconic it was when Britney Spears kissed Madonna onstage at the 2003 MTV VMAs.

It was sexy, scandalous, and took the pop culture world by storm.

By 2003, Madonna’s peak era of fame had certainly passed, but she still reigned as the Queen of Pop Divas.

Britney and Christina were the younger newcomers, though by 2003, both had already established their careers.

Women kissing each other on stage was a big deal back then. While people weren’t necessarily super-homophobic, LBGTQ acceptance hadn’t made nearly as much progress as it has today.

Furthermore, Britney and Christina weren’t afraid to be sexy and provocative. This drew a good deal of criticism at the time from pearl-clutching conservative soccer moms and such.