Here is an update of my life in pictures: 1&2- went to Estes Park to work Regional Gymnastics competition and visited my Uncle. Got a cool new sweatshirt and found some funny news articles. 3- put a onesy on Shytan, he didn’t;t like it. 4- Moved to Monument 5- put my Jeep up for sale (anyone wanna buy it?) 6- went to a red carpet event with Julia and David 7-made a wine rack 8&9- my team won 6th at State! 10- visited my best friend!


Day 14: Never Imagine life without

Well there is definitely more than one thing I could never imagine life without. Currently, it’s my amazing boyfriend David, my awesome family, and my lovely best friend! The above pictures of my family are the results of what happens when we try to take family pictures, it never works out but that’s why I enjoy them so much. There’s never a dull moment in our house!