Isn’t He A Beautiful Person, Adorable, Amazing, Courageous, Affectionate, Charming, Funny, Generous, Gentle, Humorous, Talented, Loving, Outstanding, Remarkable, Lovely, Inspirational, Sensational, Wonderful, Talented, Loving, Outstanding, Remarkable, Awesome, Lovely, Inspirational, Sensational, Outgoing, Wonderful, Intelligent, Friendly, Tremendous, Charismatic And Unique. 

There are many more words to describe this man, But I could go on forever. 

He said “Normallness leads to sadness.” And he is completely right I remember this everyday when a stranger stare at me or say something to me. I am proud to be ‘different’ and it is thanks to him. 

He IS one of the most beautiful people on this planet and he deserves to win this. 

So please go and vote for Phil Lester because this inspirational person deserves the best. 

And I want to thank him for everything he has done for me and most his fans.


My new video is all about sticking up for the Eurovision Song Contest.