Don’t leave- Joe Sugg Imagine -

Your boyfriend, Joe Sugg of 2 years is about to leave for LA for a month for more youtube related things. You usually go with Joe to some of these things, but this time you didn’t have enough money to buy your ticket but you didn’t want to tell Joe that.

Him and Caspar had their suitcases lined up at the door ready to leave tomorrow. You had told caspar because you had been friends with caspar for 10 years and you could trust him.

It was the night before they left and you had stayed in and ordered pizza. You had your own room, but you stayed with Joe because you didn’t want him to leave. 

You had woken up early to say good-bye to the boys. It was really early but it was worth it. This was a rare occasion that you don’t go with them. No one knew about you and Joe, but when you went on vacation you said you were caspars cousin or something.

“ I don’t want you to leave.” I sniffled.

“I don’t want to leave you here either.” He sighed holding back tears.” But if you ever need anythig, I’m only a phone call or skype away.”

“Okay. Yeah.” I nodded. I wouldn’t let go of Joe’s waist because I didn’t want to think he was going without me.

“But I don’t think you’ll need that.” He smiled letting go of me.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

“You’re coming with us.” He smiled pulling out a boarding pass with my name on it.

I turned to Caspar and glared at him.

“Hey, I knew something like this was gonna happen, I had to buy your ticket.” Caspar smiled. “ I can’t stand seeing either of you sad.
“But, I’m not packed.” I said.

“Good thing I told Zoe to come pack your things for you a week ago.” Joe winked.

“I hate you.” I laughed grabbing his waist.

I let go and hugged Caspar thanking him.

“Are you ready love?” Joe asked grabbing my suitcase.

“Yes.” I smiled. 

“You guys didn’t have to do this.” I whispered to Joe.

“I wanted to.” He smiled.

“I love you.” I laughed hugging him.

“I love you too.” He smiled kissing my forehead.

“Let’s go! I wanna be in LA already! You guys can do that nasty stuff on the plane!” Caspar whined grabbing us, pulling us out the door.

“You’re such a baby.” I laughed.


I hope you guys like! It was my first, I take requests as well! theres more to come! 

Joe Sugg Imagine for 94xhes 

You and your best friend Joe went over to the Zalfie house of a little sleep over. Well it wasn’t a planned sleep over, the invited you over to make some videos

You don’t have your own channel because you’re so busy with you job and uni. But you’ve been in Zoe’s Alfies, Caspar’s and others videos and you’re pretty well known by the youtube community.

You, Joe,Zoe and Alfie have been filming all day and you’re all pooped. You helped edit and upload the videos and then  you guys decided to make dinner.

“Hey you guys wanna spend the night?” Zoe asks.

“Yeah sounds fun!” You smile.

“Zoe we only have one guest room.”Alfie says.

“I can sleep on the couch, I don’t mind.” I shrug.

“You can sleep with me.” Joe suggests.

“Um, alright.” You smile.

After dinner you guys played some video games and you and Zoe had a little girl time in her room doing makeovers and such.

“Zoe can I talk to you about Joe?” I ask. (first POV)

“Yeah!” She smiles grabbing her makeup brushes.

“Well, I kind of like him, and I don’t know how he feels, I don’t want to talk to him about it because he might not feel the same.” I sigh.

“Oh my gosh! Are you blind! He totally likes you!” She says.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yes! He talks about you all the time and he asked you to stay in to same room with him!” He said.

I smiled and let her finish my makeup.I put what she said in the back of my mind because I didn’t want to get him hopes up. We watched some films until Zoe fell asleep.

“Alright, I’m going to bed guys, night!” Alfie whispers take Zoe into their room.

“You want to help me edit my vlog?” Joe asks as we walk into our room.

“Uh yeah.” I smile. “I’m gonna change first.”

You go and change into some pjs that Zoe let you borrow and grab your laptop and go join Joe on the bed. You watch and laugh as he edits his new vlog from the other day when he was pranking Oli and Caspar all day.

“Can you go check the comments on the video we just filmed?” He asked.

You nod yes and go to the video you and him filmed today. You and him did some baking and it got really messy. You handed him your laptop and he started reading comments out loud.

“Oh my gosh they should date #(shipname)” “Look how he looks at her awww” They fit so well together!’’ He says.

I start to blush and he looks over and smiles.

“You think they’re right?” He smirks.

You shrug and blush even more.

“I need to tell you something.” He says. “(y/n), you are the sweetest most funniest girl I’ve have ever been around. I love that you don’t care what anyone thinks of you and you’re absolutely stunning. Ever since we met I knew there was something about you I knew I would love. And that’s everything.Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes.” You smile hugging him.

He gives you a kiss on the forehead and you guys go back to editing and laughing until you fall asleep in each others arms.


I hope you like it! Message me for one with any youtuber!

~ sleepless nights ~ AmazingPhil ~

rustle, rustle, swish

You woke up to a sound. Beside you, Phil was looking like he was uncomfortable. You gently tapped his shoulder.

“Phil, are you okay?”

“Yeah, just can’t get to sleep.” He grumbled.

“Did you drink coffee again? I told you to stop doing that.”

“I thought it was decaf, okay?”

“Again? You have to remember to check the label.”

Phil ignored you while you thought of a solution.

“Why don’t we do something until you start to get tired.”

“Google map game?” Phil suggests.

“You bet.”

You played the game on Phil’s laptop. You got to do the honors, and landed the little orange man in the middle of USA. Phil made funny comments about the people on the street.

“That lady is off to go buy some sunblock.”

“That man looks suspicious, he probably murdered a squirrel.”

“That child is all alone, oh dear, maybe the seagulls ate his parents.”

You snicker and watch him do all of the clicking. You then suggested a game of Monopoly. Not just a round, a full game. The game lasted a few hours, resulting in Phil becoming a millionaire, and you going bankrupt. You moved out to the lounge to watch some movies. Phil brought his laptop to surf the web. You quit your movie 10 minutes in and watched what Phil was doing across his shoulders. You leaned on his arm to let him know you want to join in. He was watching a YouTube video about goats riding skateboards. You felt your eyes droop and your vision was becoming blurry.

“Tired?” Phil asks.

“No not at all.” You say, yawning again.

You eventually fell asleep on Phil’s arm. You felt something under your arms and legs. It took you a while to realize, but Phil was carrying you to bed. Your butt made contact with the mattress and Phil tucked you in.

“Goodnight, my love.”

So I was watching The Dizzy Challenge and Tumblr has been quiet so I decided to upload this… (it’s pretty long but there was so much Jaspar you guys)

Anyways here we go:

The video begins with this and it’s vvv important  to appreciate it bc 

1) Joe obviously



Moving on

We are blessed with this moment where we see Joseph Graham Sugg laughing at his boyf’s silly antics  bc it’s not like Joe will never not laugh at Casp’s things however dumb they may be

Joe: Should I call you Caspar Lee or Caspar?

Caspar: C-Dawg

Joe: *makes weird face* Hello everyone, today I’m joined with C-Dawg

Caspar: *smiles*



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~ summertime madness ~ jar of imagines #38 ~

Either the sizzling of your fried brain could be heard, or you’re going mental from the heat.

The British summer weather was too hot to do anything. Why call it summer, should have been called sunner, especially since there’s more sun.

You laid face up on the bed and stared at the blank ceiling. Well, it looked a bit wavy, then blurred, then slightly close to you. You sat up quickly to stop your mind from going insane. Then sudden rush of blood made your vision black and your head spin around. You tried to keep hold of the bed but flopped to the ground.

“Ow.” Still lying on the floor, you held your hand on your hip, which you smashed against the flooring. Carpet may seem soft, but it actually can hurt. Dan was standing by the door.

“Whatchya doin’?” Dan asked playfully. He walked over to you and pulled you up. You were prepared for another head rush but none came by.

“I just fainted and didn’t bother getting up.” You say nonchalantly.

Dan laughed. “Now, what really happened?”

You just stared at him and stayed silent. It took Dan approximately 8 seconds before he realized that you were telling the truth from the first place.

“Oh shit, you weren’t kidding. Are you okay?” Dan asked frantically.

“I’m fine, it’s just the heat.” You reassure him.

“Right, I know. It’s too hot.” Dan whined.

“Hot damn.” You say, referring to a lyric in Uptown Funk.

Dan proceeded with his task that required him to come to the bedroom. You left and headed for the storage closet in the office. In that closet was a fan that you planned on setting up in the lounge. You opened the closet door, not only to sight the fan, but a giant game of Jenga. It was merely impossible to get the fan out of the closet without tipping over boxes full of crap you don’t even know about. You slowly slid out the box containing the fan which was just conveniently at the bottom of the huge stack. You saw the top box wobble as you carefully attempted to slide out the fan. One accidental tug at the box just finished the Jenga game.

“No-no-no-no-no-no-no–” you were cut off by the avalanche of boxes. It wasn’t as bad since half of them were just empty boxes, but some held wires and plugs while others stored DS game cases, which one happened to be open, as the corner scratched your cheek. Your cheek stung from the contact and you held your hand to look for blood, which thankfully was absent from this tragedy.

“Are you alright (Y/N)?” Dan asked from below.

“Yeah, I’m ok.” You said out of habit.

The fan was easier to get but the hard part was to clean up the mess. It may have taken 10 minutes of your day, but you managed to recreate the Jenga structure for the next victim.

You walked downstairs to the lounge and put up the fan. You sighed in relief once you flicked the switched and it propelled a gust of wind. It may have not been a cold wind, but it was better than nothing.

“Woah, you got the fan out? Let me join!” He said, joining you in front of the fan on the unnecessarily large armchair by the windows.

You and Dan relaxed in front of the gust and chilled (pun not intended) there for a few minutes. Until Dan noticed something. His smile faded away as he lifted your chin up. He faced you to the right and ran his finger down your scratch. You flinched at the contact.

“What is this from?” He asked, worried.

“From the avalanche of boxes when. I tried to get the fan.” You say, pulling his hand away from your scratch.

“(Y/N), I’m being honest here, you’re a hazard to yourself.” Dan laughed.

“I know, what does it look like?” You ask.

“It’s just a puffy pink line.” He assured you. “Your face is still the same beautiful face, scratch or no scratch.”

And you got a kiss on the cheek, which made the pain go away.